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How to build a solid translation career and what are the benefits

How to build a solid translation career and what are the benefits
translation career

A translation career is the best path there is when it comes to being a freelancer. The pay rate enables you to earn an amount in a few hours that would take more hours or even a day for any other kind of work.

How to build a translation career

This leaves you more time to get more work or leaves you with free time for your family or other interests, if that is what you desire. Also, unlike other freelance work a translation career gives you more variety and won’t bore you and make you feel like a substitute for a machine.

your language combination

Look for work for the language pair that you know

If you’re lucky enough to be native bilingual then congratulations all you have to do is look for work for the language pair that you know. If not you will either have to go enroll in a language school or learn online. Although it helps if you have a particular interest in a language, you might want to look for languages that are in demand, and take note if its level of difficulty is something you can take. It is easy for a Chinese to learn Japanese because of the similar characters. You might want to start with a language which shares the same type of alphabet as your native tongue. The good thing about a translation career is that even if you’re not an expert yet, you have online dictionaries and other tools to help you.

It also helps to get yourself certified or licensed. A certification is better than a college diploma when it comes to your translation career.

Translator sites

Translator and freelancer sites are the best places to find work. Be sure to mention any language training you’ve had in your profile. Since you don’t have any experience yet it may be necessary to make the lowest possible bids. Just make sure you deliver on time, if not earlier. Do a great enough job and the job poster will contact you directly for future jobs instead of offering it publicly. Eventually you may even be able to raise your reputation and your rate.

If the job poster was just a one time client fear not. You can still use the experience to pad your resume to lure other clients.

Any other training not just in language can be helpful to your translation career. Taking business management or accounting classes makes you an ideal candidate for financial related translation. A background in medicine, no matter how short will attract medical related translation to you.

translation sites

A translation career is the best choice

A career in translation in those days of progressive globalization we live in is the best choice that you can opt for. The translation industry is blooming with the expansion in businesses, growth in the industries and progressive changes on the global platform. But, how do you start off when you are just an amateur in the field:

Determine your path

Once you have gained command over the basic skills and over the necessary knowledge of the language that you have set for your translations, determine the background that you want to pick for aiding clients with the language conversions.

Stay in touch with the clients

A good translation career depends on effective engagement with the clients. The one thing that every translator should acquire is a thorough a discussion about the project before the start of the conversion of languages. Get to know the wishes and requirements of the clients such that a translation that is accurate and according to the needs of the clients can be acquired.


Although it may seem frustrating at first, once you get going, a translation career is the most rewarding career there is.

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