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How to send a large file

How to send a large file
How to send a large file
(Last Updated On: October 30, 2023)

How to send a large file

Larger files sent by many people far and wide are often refused by mail servers and file transfer site because of the file transfer protocol. That’s because mail servers (incoming and outgoing) confine the broadband traffic management sizes of email attachment up to a maximum of 10MB, sometimes even less. Email provider like Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail 25 MB, is still not enough for some large files.

Compress files before sending

Compress files before sending

If a file attachment is too bulky to be sent as an attachment, why not make it a priority to make it smaller? Compressing a large file not only lessens the file size but also accelerates the file transfer speeds despite the ways that you adopt whether it is we Transfer FTP, email, mail service, dropbox, Google Drive, or cloud storage services. For efficient work, try using the best internet service provider in your area. Computers with built-in features of file compression make Zipped files in just a few steps. For music or video files, however, rather than ZIP, RAR compression is recommended as this compression has a better algorithm also with a restriction of reverse-engineering, so that chances of file corruption and data loss are shrunk. 7-Zip is therefore recommended, the best available file archivist.

A few of the other ways of sending a large file email attachment are stated below:


WeTransfer is an accessible and effortless online service for file sharing. Filemail has a file size limit of 2GB at a time can be uploaded and sent to multiple users up to 20 people at a time. The download link is generated and sent to the receiver via email communication. Uploading and sending through WeTransfer though can sometimes be slow. Another drawback is that due to security protocols after seven days, the downloads are deleted from the server and the download shared link is broken in simple word expiring links.


MailBigFile can also send files up to 2GB and multiple files can be done at the same time. With a drag-and-drop feature sharing option of the shared file becomes much easier.


Hightail (previously called YouSendIt) is a reliable method although free, but you have to set up an account to access its features. It can share file online up to a storage space quota of 250 MB to multiple users, file storage up to 2GB, and the user can have 5 e-signatures.  factor authentication like Data encryption and receipt verification is also offered securely by Hightail securing its user’s sensitive data.



Dropbox, a cloud service is a secure platform that provides the same storage solution and file transfer protocol and sharing service, for free but the user should have a drive account. It is perfect for a business account. You can share the file link with your employees and team members via any email service including outlook.com. The attached file can either be shared link with another Dropbox user through the account or share the custom link if not a user. It works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone,iDrive, Android, and Blackberry and also works in offline mode with no internet connection. Dropbox can store large file attachment up to a maximum file size of 16GB for free with the recommendation but file limits of 2GB for free even without it. Overall, it improves better team communication.

Google Drive

Similar to Dropbox and OneDrive (which we talk about below), Google Drive, another account based app provides a message size of 15GB free file storage space linked to a Google account that is Gmail. Though this google email message service app is not especially featured to send large files and it is not a priority, google drive is an app with easy sharing features.


OneDrive a file transfer site is Operationally similar to Dropbox and Google Drive by Microsoft, One Drive equips an upload bandwidth of 15GB storage of files in the mail service, but 500MB more storage can be attained if your friends join through your recommendation. Any filemail though, that is saved in OneDrive can be sent efficiently and effortlessly just by a clicking share button.

Mail Drop

Mail Drop, a Mac user’s friend in such a case is an easy file sharing way operated with the help of cloud storage services to upload the file and make it accessible via a shared link to multiple users (Mac user or not) through a shared folder Though if the recipient is a Mac user, it will occur to his account as just a normal attachment when simply sent through email. The large documents can easily be sent via email services mentioned above. Choose the one that best suits your business needs to send a file of a certain size. In case you find trouble sending email clients, then make sure you contact the support team for better results. You can also get paid version in case you have business needs.

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