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How can translation services help you expand overseas

How can translation services help you expand overseas
how to expand overseas
(Last Updated On: August 15, 2019)

When someone starts a business, he/she focuses on getting success in a local and national area first. Since there are unlimited opportunities for growth in the globalizing world, anyone can expand their business overseas. The entire world is hurtling towards globalization. Your business should not be left behind. The first thing you could do is to use translation services to expand overseas.

How can translation services help you expand overseas

The following are some good examples of languages you should request for translation services in order to expand your business overseas.

expand business reach


China is home to the largest population in the world. A population that is made up of fellow entrepreneurs who are growing richer. China is also the preferred location for factories because of its proximity and accessibility to skilled workers, natural resources and a growing affluent market. Only less than 1 percent of this country with the world’s largest population can speak or read English, making the country a great area to expand overseas.


The Japanese population may not be comparable to the Chinese but it the world’s greatest economy with the most advanced technology and the most skillful and disciplined workforce.

South American Spanish

Translation agencies have ranked this as the language with the most translation requests. Just like China, the continent is home to a rich population, as well as an inexpensive workforce, and abundant natural resources. But unlike China it is nearer to the global mogul, the United States.


Germany is the richest nation in the European union, but only 64 percent can speak English. Moreover, many other European countries where English is not understood can understand German pretty well. This is due to their proximity to Germany as well as their native language being derived from German.


Next to Germany, the second richest nation in the European Union, where even a fewer number of people (39%) can speak English.

bridge the language gap

Bridge the language gap with translation

In the modern global world, international expansion can be fruitful for any business. Once you have achieved enough success locally, you should consider taking your business to the next level. Before diving, it is necessary to have sound knowledge of the potential market, customers, and more critical language. But, a translation company can gap that bridge between your business and its need to expand overseas. In short, hiring professional translation services can be your smart move to open your business to millions of customers and stay competitive at the same time. Your business opens up to a whole new world of possibilities.

Nothing is more inviting than welcoming an international client or partner in their native language when they visit your website, this is why website translation is one of the requirements if you want to expand overseas. Your website is your on-line handshake, your digital business card. It’s you greeting your client in their own language that you took pains to memorize and pronounce correctly. It shows that you took the effort to do research and that could be enough to seal the deal.

Getting professional translation service helps your brand to connect with international clients at minimal costs and such services are indispensable to expand overseas.

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