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A closer look at India’s language: a fun infographic to review!

A closer look at India’s language: a fun infographic to review!
indian language facts interesting

Indian language facts are a very sought after term, especially by language enthusiasts. India is considered the cradle of human civilization. Myth suggests that mankind may have been born in India. It’s the home of some of the greatest myths and the birthplace of Buddhist beliefs. Today India is a fast booming country with rapid economic growth and the best minds of the world come from India. The official languages of India are Hindi and English but it also has22 national languages.

Indian language facts that you should know

The various Indian languages are some of the most regular foreign projects we receive and so we thought of making an infographics showing the Indian languages in great detail. We have written this blog to share all the cool findings of our Indian language facts infographics.

Indian language facts: national languages

“Three of the Indian national languages are the most spoken languages in the world.” 

Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world today, Bengali and Punjabi rank 7th and 10th. These three languages are so prevalent that they are more popular than European languages and are more commonly spoken. If you need professional Hindi translation services, you can always rely on us.

The main Indian languages
Hindi Maithili Nepali
Sanskrit Tamil Urdu
Assamese Dogri Kannada
Gujarati Bodo Manipuri
Oriya Marathi Santali
Telugu Punjabi Sindhi
Malayalam Konkani Kashmiri

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indian language facts to know

Indian language facts: About 20% of the Indian populations of 1.2 Billion people speak Hindi. All their natives have their own native languages that they speak in their homes.

main languages spoken in india

More Indian language facts that you should know:

Fun and interesting Indian language facts: Other than these national languages, the Indian nation speaks a total of 1652 languages as was shown in the census conducted in 1961. According to a much recent census, about twenty more languages are spoken by a million people per language while six are spoken by over a hundred thousand people each. 

These incredibly diverse lists of sixteen hundred languages spoken in the Indian land can be traced back to the diverse cultural influx that has happened in the greater India in the five thousand years of its heritage. That’s some unique Indian language facts good to know.

India has had linguistic influences of Indo-European, Dravidian, Sino- Tibetan, and Mon- Khmer language roots. These roots spread into the land and mixed with each other as well as the clear Middle Eastern natives that came to India with the Muslim invaders. Indian language facts can help you understand India’s culture much better.

Indian language facts: diversity in vocabulary and culture

The language diversity of the Indian diasporas is, thus, incredibly deep and diverse. We receive a diverse and wide range of translation projects from our Indian friends who are either focused on their native ancestry or are coming to the global stage from home. More Indian language facts to follow!

“The general trend in Indian languages is to write from left to right because they originate from Devanagari script.”

But Punjabi, Kashmiri, Urdu, and Sindhi were born from Arabic dialect and are mainly focused in Muslim cultures except for Punjabi that is widely spoken by the Sikh and Hindu population as well. These three languages are written from right to left following their ancestry and have similar scripts that also resemble Arabic. These are quite some interesting Indian language facts!

fun Indian language facts
indian language facts

The subcontinent is known for its colorful culture. But its tongues are just as unique. Hundreds of vernaculars are spoken in the region. Just reading amazing facts about Indian languages will make you realize how fascinating the linguistic diversity of the region is. There are facts about Hindi language, which can help you become more familiar with the tongue. For instance, you say ‘namaste’ if you want to say hello in the Indian language. And you say ‘Janam din ki shubhkamnaien’ if you’re going to wish someone a good birthday. Now you don’t have to look up ‘how to say happy birthday in Indian languages‘ on Google.

You can look up various India infographic to find out all about the multiple vernaculars spoken in the region. But one thing everyone knows already and that is the diversity of cultures makes the region a lot more beautiful than every other place on the planet.

We hope you enjoyed our infographic about Indian language facts. Please contact us for all your Indian language needs. We’re open 24/7 and always ready to help with professional translation services!

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