Certified Translation from Indian Languages into English

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Certified Translation from Indian Languages into English

The world is pretty much run by the rich and powerful countries. The rest of the states are there to provide background material like stuff for entertainment industries and something to talk about when someone wants to appear politically aware. But in truth, the core of the world’s values and a big part of the workforce of powerful states is made by the people of the countries that do not get enough credit on the international front. These places’ vibrant culture has fascinated the rest of the world for so long. Their cuisine is also famous everywhere for its use of spices and herbs.

If technology could create new cultures, big countries would have started it already to one up places like South Asia and the Middle East Asia. But since it can’t, they are forced to appreciate the colorful vibes of those countries from afar. The culture of places like Pakistan and India is multilayered and has so many bright parts that no one can stay unaffected for long. Over time, many people from South Asia moved to countries like the UK and the US. And everywhere they went, they took their traditions with them. Today, many people in America celebrate festivals like Eid and Holi with their Muslim and Hindu friends, respectively.

The integration of these people in foreign societies means that people from both cultures have learned something from each other and come up better than before. The people of India living in the US contribute to different industries, from technology and sciences to medicine and finance. They learned English and the local customs to adjust better to a society they knew nothing about before and wanted to be accepted more than anything so they could build a home away from home.

Although the Indians learned English, everyone else didn’t realize their languages, which created a barrier between people who knew the various Indian languages and those who spoke English. India is a massive country with a population of over a billion people. There is no official data on how many languages are spoken in the country currently, but an old census put the number at sixteen hundred and fifty-two. The constitution recognizes over twenty languages; the rest are mother tongues nationwide. However, not all of them have a sizable speaking population. Which means the most essential tongues are the ones recognized in the Constitution. They all have different speaking populations, and entertainment industries cater to those speakers’ needs.

  • What does certified English translation mean?

    A certified English translation is one in which, after translating a document into English, the linguistic expert crafts a statement that works as a certificate of accuracy. The statement reads that the translation is not only accurate but also complete. This proves to the authorities that the linguistic expert will put their name on their work.

  • How can I translate my marriage certificate to English in India?

    If you must translate your marriage certificate from India into English, you must find qualified and experienced native English translators. You can easily do so with the help of the internet. You can explain your requirements to them, and they will ensure you get accurate linguistic assistance.

  • How do I translate a Word document into English?

    If you have a Word document in a foreign language and want to translate it into English for personal reading, you can upload it on Google Translate. However, if it is an official document, you should hire a professional translator and not rely on online tools.

  • How do I become a certified translator in India?

    In India, various institutes offer language courses to students who wish to become translators. Some of these institutes are affiliated with foreign universities and offer global certifications. Such certifications declare that a person has all the qualifications to become a translator. After getting a certification, a student can start working as a certified translator in India.

  • What are the requirements to immigrate to the US?

    • The applicant must be more than 18 years of age.
    • They must have American parents if they are applying for immigration through US parents.
    • They must marry an American citizen if they apply for spousal immigration.
    • They must submit certified translations of their documents, like birth certificates, along with their application.
    • They must submit the immigration fee.
  • What are the 4 types of immigrants?

    1. US Citizens: They are the ones who were either born in the US or become citizens through the naturalization process.
    2. Permanent Residents: These immigrants are the ones who have been granted permission to live in the US permanently. They are green card holders.
    3. Non-immigrants: They are the ones who are in the US legally but only temporarily, like students.
    4. Undocumented: These are the types of immigrants that have entered the US illegally. They cannot work in the US because they are in the country without permission.
  • How much does it cost to legally immigrate to the United States?

    The naturalization process is not only lengthy but also expensive. It isn’t just the immigration fee that an applicant has to submit. They will also have to take care of living expenses. The total can be anywhere between $4000 to $12000 for immigration to the US legally. You can save your money by making the right choice when hiring a translation services provider.

  • How many immigrants come to the US each year?

    The number of immigrants that come to the US keeps increasing each year. In 2016, 1.18 million immigrants came to the US legally. In 2018, 800,000 immigrants applied to the USCIS for naturalization. There is no record of the immigrants who come to the US illegally each year or the figure would be way higher.

The states in India have different languages and the whole province releases official documents in that tongue. This means that documents from one state may not even be understandable for someone from another state. This huge difference in vernaculars becomes more prominent when someone tries to move between states or countries with their original documents. If your documents are in Tamil and the official you are showing them to does not understand Tamil, they will have no choice but to refuse to accept your papers and turn you back to where you came from.

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Immigration to the US:

Although the complicated process of US immigration might not be a huge problem for Indian citizens due to the excellent relationship between the two countries and the fact that often educated people are applying for it who can prove to be beneficial for the US, there are still some issues that can rise and halt the process. For instance, a citizen of one of the states of India will have their birth certificate in the official language of their state. They can’t attach it to their immigration application, or it will get rejected. They can’t apply without the birth certificate either, as it is one of the requirements of the immigration process to show it to the authorities.

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Translation of Indian Languages:

The only solution is to get your documents translated into English. The thing about translation for immigration is that you can’t just put your documents through an online tool like Google Translate and expect it to come out ready for submission to a government office. Every government department requires you to submit official documents; if you can’t do that, you must submit their certified translation so they can be sure of its accuracy. A certified translation will be much better than any of the online tools of interpretation you can think of. But if your native language is not very famous, you will have to find a big agency that covers a lot of tongues and can provide you with a translation of your vocabulary.

There are a lot of translation agencies and freelance translators in the world today but figuring out who is worth your trust and can handle your documents is another thing. You can ask your friends and family for suggestions and search the internet for reviews from previous service provider customers. Once you have made sure that an agency can provide you with the best-certified translation from Indian languages into English, you can book their services for yourself. Good agencies don’t charge a lot either and have a lot of translators on their team, meaning they cover multiple tongues. Such an agency will be able to help you translate Indian languages easily.

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