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Karenni (Kayah) Translation Services – Translate any Language to Karenni

Translate Any Language to Karenni
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It is an unspoken rule of the world that the majority gets more importance everywhere. Businesses value English because it has more than a billion speakers and is an international language. The culture or religion of a billion people will be known to many. But this does not mean that the culture of a few thousand people doesn’t matter. In a world that speaks more than 7000 languages, every vernacular may not enjoy equal status, but they are all important in a certain way.

Burma and Its Languages:

Officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Burma is a Southeast Asian country with a population of over 54 million. Ever since gaining independence from the British, the population of the country has been the victim of ethnic violence. Ethnic conflict has led to civil wars. The state is also notorious for its human rights violations. Despite being rich in natural resources, Myanmar continues to suffer because of ethnic conflicts. Global businesses are not willing to take the risk of opening their offices in Burma.

Rohingya is one of the groups in Myanmar that doesn’t enjoy rights by the state. Unfortunately, the situation of the Rohingya people is not any better in India and Bangladesh. But at least they are safe from persecution in those countries.

The population of Burma is ethnically diverse, which means that they also speak different vernaculars. The people of Burma speak almost a hundred languages. Linguistic diversity means that people often need a certified translation. Out of all of them, it is Burmese that have been awarded the official status because it is spoken by two-thirds of the population. One of the languages spoken in Burma is known as Karenni. Its other name is Red Karen, while the people of Burma call it Kayah. In the Kayin state, it is known as Karen.

Karenni Translation Services


Karenni (Kayah) or Red Karen is spoken by the Kayah people. Kayah refers to the largest ethnic group in Karenni. The number of its speakers is estimated to be more than half a million. But not many people speak it as a second language. Since there are other Karen languages too, the people of Burma came up with the name Kayah to distance themselves from those versions. The name of the Kayah State was also changed for the same reason. Eastern Kayah Li is spoken in both Burma and Thailand, while Western Kayah Li is only spoken in Burma. Yintale is a popular variety of the latter. Interestingly, Yintale has dialects of its own too.

Kayah Li is the main writing system for the language. However, the Latin alphabet is also used to write Karenni. There is also a Burmese alphabet that is limited to Myanmar. Although both Karenni and the national language of China belong to the Sino Tibetan group, the two don’t share any similarities.

Linguists don’t know much about the everyday language of the Kayah State. The tones of these vernaculars match those of the Thai language. The object appears after the verb, which makes these vernaculars different from other Tibetan-Burman tongues. The Karen people did not have written tongues for a long time, which is why there is no definite data available about the vernaculars today.

English to Karenni Translation Services Translate Any Language to Karenni:

If the people of the world did not help each other out during difficult times, they would all perish eventually. There is only so much that governmental organizations can do. Which is why there are plenty of people in the world who work as volunteers to help others. A lot of organizations that work in Myanmar need volunteers to help them.  Foreigners who wish to work in a country like Burma will need a lot of patience, but before that, they will need to get their documents translated into Burmese to get their visa. This is where translation services can help people. However, linguistic services needed in such a situation have to be of the highest level of quality.

Burma and Its Languages

If someone plans on visiting the region populated by the Karen people, they will need language translation services in Karenni to English to make their trip successful. They will need a certified translation of their birth certificate to get through the visa process. Without document translation, no one can get a visa. But since Karenni to English language combination is not very popular in the world, people have trouble finding reliable translation services. However, if they hire an agency that only has native experts on its team, they will be able to get flawless linguistic solutions.

They can find translation services on Google and see the ratings of different companies to learn about their performances. But it is important not to get Google Translate’s help. Despite all the progress that information technology has made, it has still a long way to go. The inaccurate results of Google Translate are proof of that. If they search for freelancers, they may not be able to find helpful solutions. They could end up hiring an inexperienced translator. As a result, they will get language translation services that won’t be culturally accurate.

If you are in need of English to Karenni translation services and you don’t want to be charged unfairly for it, then get in touch with us today. Even if you need interpreting services, we will be able to connect you with the right experts. We have native translators for every language and are always happy to help our clients. You can get quality language translation services delivered to you within 24 hours. You can also get a free quote from us by sending us the source text to find out how much you will have to pay for document translation. We will make sure that one of the highly qualified native speakers on our team with expert knowledge of their culture handles your projects and provides you with accurate translation services from Karenni to English and English to Karenni.

Whenever you need help with marketing messages or a science document, finding the right experts is necessary. With the help of our linguistic experts, you can get English to Karenni certified translation. Regardless of the language combination, you need help with, we will be able to provide you with an accurate document translation. You can also get our proven quality localization services for your website. Contact us today and our project manager will make sure that the language translation services you get from us are a hundred percent accurate and get accepted in Burma and Thailand.

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