Language Services Fun Facts: an infographic

language services fun facts to know
(Last Updated On: October 26, 2023)

We at Universal Translation Services were curious as to how the language services industry has seen the year of 2017. In our enthusiasm, we looked into the data and made a fun infographic to be shared with our translators and clients alike. Here are some language services fun facts to remember!

Language services fun facts: what should you keep in mind?

“The global market for language services has to turn out to be whooping a 43 Billion US Dollars industry.”

The language service requirement is an ever-growing service as the international trade, communication and travel are at an all-time high and ever growing in itself. That is why it’s important to keep in mind some language services fun facts.

Working from home vs. working from an office

We looked into the prospects of working as a language service provider both in an official and home-based capacity. We found that working from home is the best option for language service professionals.

When working from home, one has the freedom of choosing their own hours and can be their own boss. You can concentrate much better and you do out have to deal with external stress that comes from working in an office. However, when working in an office, we may feel more motivated to work harder and fulfill your tasks.

Our infographic will give you more information in regards to the above as well a good idea of language service fun facts.

If you want to have the infographic as an image, click the small image on the right for a larger one that you can save on your computer, or save it from here. Alternatively, if what you want is a PDF document, you can download it from here in PDF format.

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language services fun facts explained

An average translator in the United States is earning a $45.488 per year with of course a higher payment as well. This makes the profession of translation in the United States a rather lucrative profession because the annual income is close to $50,000 per year. This is a decent average income for a common American employee. However, it’s important to associate yourself with a professional translation services company. In the following lines, we’ll provide more language services fun facts!

working from home vs working from office

Language services fun facts: Marketing and Language

Every day around 68 jobs open for translation in the United States and the job opportunities grow at a rate of seventeen percent by 2026. This growth factor is just the beginning as the social media is now offering translation jobs in 21 plus languages for translators.

You may wonder about the reason for the increase in the need for translators in the general market. A considerable factor is the marketing and its relationship with communication. With the advent of social media, there is no doubt in minds that communication will be the key to marketing online. Most consumers gravitate towards the content that is presented to them in their native language and also their native culture.

They prefer products that are recommended by their friends and word of mouth is becoming a defining factor in the promotion of a product. Offering certified translation services can also be a very big plus which will increase your notoriety.

The role of marketing in translation services

Many marketers focus o launching their products through social media because that is the main focus of interaction for their target audience.

“Ninety percent of online shoppers have a tendency to buy their products from sites in their native languages.”

More than half of online consumers will prefer a product if the product is presented in their language over a product that is presented in a foreign language. This focus on language retail industry is unprecedented and it is a new culture in itself.

Here’s some more language services fun facts: Marketers have to keep these factors in mind and they find themselves in need of marketing strategy that actually promotes their product. This is the best way to get their audience’s attention.

language service a growing industry

Universal Translation Services has seen a rise in translation based marketing and many of our clients are business owners. We are here for your marketing needs. Call now!

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