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If you need a certified Marathi to English translation to immigrate to the United States, we can help you with that. We have qualified professionals on our team who can handle everything from official to business documents. You can get the best quality translations at affordable prices. And all of your translation projects will be completed on time.

Certified Marathi to English Translation:

Immigrating to another country can be the kind of change you need in life to become successful. But it isn’t as simple as wanting to do it. The immigration process is complex, regardless of where you want to move. But it is even more complex if you want to move to the US. Every applicant has to fulfill the immigration requirement of USCIS, and a simple error could mean the rejection of your application. People hire immigration experts and lawyers to help them get through the process. But many applicants still end up ignoring one of the most important requirements of USCIS, and that is the certified translation of your personal documents. You cannot get this translation from a bilingual person or an inexperienced translator.

We have native linguists on our team who have years of experience in handling official documents like birth certificates. They can complete your translation in twenty-four hours and then draft a signed statement for you to submit to USCIS. They will attest to the quality of their work on the statement and add their signature and contact details on it. A translation will not be accepted by USCIS if it is not accompanied by the certificate of accuracy.

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We can deliver not only certified translations for immigration but also for other purposes. If you are applying for an American university for admission, we can handle the translations of your academic documents. With the help of our translations, it will become easier for you to get admission. You can focus on preparing the rest of your application while our linguistic experts handle your documents.

Our translators can not only deliver high-quality translations, but they can also finish projects within a couple of hours. If you are in urgent need of a translation, let us know, and we will handle the rest. You will get the urgent translation at no extra cost. And our translation services are available at the most affordable rates. So, you won’t be making any mistakes by choosing us for your translation needs. Want to know how to find Indian translator?

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English to Marathi Business Translation:

The corporate world is becoming more and more competitive every day. Becoming successful is not easy for any business. Even the established companies can easily get threatened by a new business. It is all about staying in touch with your audience. If you have the audience in your corner, you won’t get defeated by others. But in order to win the hearts of your audience, you will have to send them messages regularly through advertisements.

When a company enters a new market, it has to employ new techniques to connect with the target audience. It has to make sure that the advertisements are in the native language of the audience. If you want to open your company’s offices in the Indian states of Maharashtra or Goa, you will have to get Marathi translation services to connect with the natives. We have native Marathi translators on our team who can deliver high-quality translations of your advertising content. They can help you create brand awareness among your target audience.

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You can also get the Marathi translation of your website in order to make it easily navigable for your target audience. Our localization experts will make sure that the website is linguistically and culturally understandable for your target audience. It is impossible to connect with the people of today by ignoring the power of the internet. This is why we are ready to cover all the bases for you. You can use both electronic media advertisements and the internet to stay connected with your audience.

We can also help you attract the attention of investors. By accurately translating the annual reports and financial statements, we will help you share the progress story of your company with potential investors. It will be easy to convince them to invest in your company once you have the stats in their language. Our translation agency can solve all the language problems for your business so you can achieve your goals.

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The Marathi Language:

Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language that has 83 million native speakers. It is the native tongue of the Marathi people of the Indian state of Maharashtra, where it also enjoys official status. The language is also one of the official languages in the Indian state of Goa. After Hindi and Bengali, Marathi is the most spoken language in India. There are two major dialects of Marathi, and they are known as Standard Marathi and Varhadi dialect. The script for writing the language has been derived from the Devanagari alphabet.

Since it is spoken by a significant percentage of the Indian population, Marathi has heavily influenced other languages of the country. Koli, Agri, and Malvani Konkani are some of the languages that have been influenced by different dialects of Marathi. Marathi itself has been influenced by the Sanskrit and Dravidian languages of India. It has shared vocabularies with various foreign languages, including Persian, Arabic, and English. The influence of Romance languages on Marathi has also been observed by linguists.

Some of the oldest literature of Indian languages is in Marathi. According to written records, the language has been around since 600 AD. The fact that the language is still spoken by millions is quite remarkable as many ancient tongues became extinct over time. Today, Marathi is the tenth most spoken language in the world and must be valued by businesses that want to succeed in India.

All Kinds of Documents:

At UTS, we are not just focused on providing immigration translations. Our professional translation services can also help you in courts and hospitals. With the translation of your legal documents, we can solve your language problems in the courts. You can get the perfect translation of an agreement when making a business deal. You can also get the translation of patent applications so you can share them with authorities in different countries. Our legal translation services can help the authorities in solving cases involving foreign nationals.

We also have healthcare experts on our team who can provide you with medical translation to allow you to get treated in a foreign country. Our professional translators understand the importance of medical translations and make sure that you get accurate results every time. A little mistake made by a translator can be very dangerous. This is why we have a team of experts who review every translation before it is handed over to the clients to make sure it is free of errors.

We can also handle your legal documents, including agreements, contracts, and evidence reports. Our native Estonian translators can handle all of your legal translations and deliver a hundred percent accurate results to you before the deadline. We have helped various clients with our legal translation services, including law firms and individual lawyers.


We offer a wide range of language services, so don’t forget to reach out to us whenever you are facing a linguistic problem. Our team is made up of native speakers who understand their language well. They also have extensive experience in the field of translation, so they will never disappoint you. Our quick turnaround times mean that you will never have to wait for your translation. Get in touch with us today and let us solve all of your language problems for you.

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