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New immigration laws you should be aware of

New immigration laws you should be aware of
new immigration laws US

New immigration laws are continuously highlighted in the news in the light of the orders of the U.S. President, affecting the green card residents and other immigrants. Although the new laws are getting tougher, authorities note that there is an increase in U.S. citizenship applications. Many holders of green cards are content that they can live and work in the United States legally.

New immigration laws in US

Since President Trump came into office and started changing immigration rules, a huge number of green card holders appeal to attain naturalization because they fear deportation. They are also after getting the right to vote and having access to more rights accorded to U.S. citizens.

As the processing of immigration requests proceeds, the USCIS released new regulations on February 16, 2018. Effective March 18, 2018, applicants and petitioners who are looking for immigration benefits must submit an authorized signature on the forms they provide to USCIS. The firm will not receive power of attorney signatures. Only accredited persons are allowed to sign forms arranged by legal entities and corporations. How can you get accredited? Professional immigration translation services can be of help!

changes in immigration laws

Let’s have a look at the new immigration laws:

The White House suggests a budget of $25 billion to build border barriers between the U.S and Mexico. The committee demanded a budget of $18 billion. The new budget will include the developments in the Canadian border gates of entry. The President said that if there isn’t going to be a border barrier, there would be no citizenship possibilities for the dreamers.

New immigration laws for future applicants:

About family-based immigration, the government is proposing to restrict the custom of sponsoring relatives, which the president describes chain migration. Oppositions are saying that there is no chain migration because existing immigration laws already check the number and category of relatives that U.S. citizens can sponsor. According to the review of the Department of Homeland Security, the program for a cutback would diminish immigration by 25%. The current number is about one million legal immigrants a year.

New immigration laws for people applying for US citizenship

The rush in applications forms a significant backlog in the processing of immigrants who are qualified for U.S. citizenship. As the processing backlog increases, the average wait time increases as well. In previous years, the processing takes about four months. According to new immigration laws applicant has to wait nearly nine months to have their papers prepared. The wait time can increase more than a year for areas such as Miami, Las Vegas, Houston and Dallas.

The USCIS work remains the same, but the review of its mission report is more symbolic. It shows the idea of the Trump government on how immigration should be negotiated. Gone is the phrase about giving ”immigration and citizenship benefits,” replaced with just the benefits of immigration. This is where it could be very handy to access USCIS  certified translation services for all your documents. UTS can be the right choice!

USCIS translation for new immigrants

So several things must be understood regarding new immigration laws and applying for citizenship, including the preparation of documents for submission to USCIS. With the new laws asking more certified translations, rely on one of the best in the translation industry, Universal Translation Services. We have a team of translators to offer you with accurate and professional certified translations.

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