Pay Translation Invoices

We strive to offer the best quality translations. Besides the project manager, the assignment team and the support team, there are always 2 translators involved in the translation process, no matter how small the translation is. We do this because we want to offer quality and service delivered to you asap where same day is getting more and more common. This of course depends on the volume of the translation.

To make it easy for you, please find below our payment methods in order to pay your translation invoice.

You can select the payment method you prefer below:

In the boxes below, please fill in the invoice number, the amount and the currency. If that is already filled in, you don’t have to do anything except select your payment method.

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Pay translation invoices with ease

pay translation invoicesOur utmost priority is the comfort and ease of our clients and to make this perfect we try our best, we are providing you with the best services, least cost, early deliveries and a full customer support service. We are always ready to assist you through the whole process of translation, and till the invoice is paid, we want you to be fully satisfied that your money is not going to be wasted; we make sure that we bring you perfection.

Our teams consist of expert linguists, who are certified and skilled. Despite how trivial the task you assign us, we try to deliver the best and the smallest of the documents are taken in the same procedure as long documents are. It is not about the length of the document, but it is about the satisfaction of our customers. Along with a service around the clock, we make sure that you don’t face any problem when it comes to paying the invoices too.

How to pay your translation invoices

There are so many methods to pay through, these days. We provide you with the easiest. Payment is a crucial part because we know that is where you will part with your hard-earned money and you want to spend it the right way and at the right place.

We offer you to pay us via a range of credit cards. You can pay us through PayPal, and you can pay us through Ideal or Bancontact.

All you need to do is select a method of payment through which you would like to pay the cash for the translation services we provide you with. It can be any of the above.

So, when you are done with this, you will need to put in the invoice number we assign you after your order is confirmed. Once you enter the invoice, the next option which follows is the amount you want to pay. Write down the payable amount that needs to be deducted. Then there comes the option of currency.

We are providing our services around the globe so you will not have a trouble in currency selection either. Once you are done with all of these procedures you just need to click submit and the transactions will be carried on likewise.

The good part about paying here is that we don’t put you in the trouble of making an account and for that. So, this is the convenient way for you and us too. It saves your time. It’s quick. We are always looking forward to providing you with ease and best services and that too at the lowest rates in the industry, nothing can be better than saving time and money at the same place, with no compromise on the quality of work.

We genuinely look into the concerns of our clients, so if you face any issue regarding payment or ordering your translation or any delay from our side, which we assure you won’t happen, but we are always there to help you out. Any hour, any minute our team is ready for correspondence. And we are available for you. Our clients always come back with great feedback of work and that’s the best part of the things we earn.

Having problems paying your translation invoices? Live-chat with us!