20 tips to reduce stress during your translation work

tips to reduce stress
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Translation can be a pretty stressful job, given its irregular hours and tight deadlines. Stress can cause detrimental effects on the physical and mental health of translators. This post will outline 20 ways linguists can deal with the pressures that come with their profession and reduce stress.

How to reduce stress during your translation work

If you feel that your work is overwhelming you, it’s maybe time for a longer break. After all, not being able to concentrate on your task can only give poor results. Here are some ways to reduce stress during work.

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Maintain a neat and organized office

An organized office will reduce the amount of time taken to find documents. The files on your computer should be easily accessible.

Have a work schedule

This will ensure that every task is given ample time and save you from work overload.
Learn to anticipate workload and organize yourself in advance. It will help you prepare psychologically and assign each task enough time to avoid last-minute overload.

When you say ‘No’, mean it.

This will save you from work overload, especially when you have little time.

Avoid trivial activities that eat into your time

Avoid time wasters like computer games and focus on the tasks at hand.

Give yourself small breaks between tasks

Small games will keep you rejuvenated and energized.

Keep away from stimulants, especially coffee

They will affect your concentration. A cup of tea will do you a lot of good. Tea will help to relax your system.

Avoid foods with a lot of sugar or salt

Instead, consume foods with a lot of anti-oxidants such as tomatoes, beetroot, and watermelon.

Remember to keep your body fit

Physical activity will energize you and keep you more oxygenated. Run regularly, or play your favorite sport.

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Do some yoga

Yoga will help you relax and enhance your concentration, which is useful for a professional translator.

Take a little walk or go for a hike

Do not be sedentary. A walk in the park in the evening can be refreshing. Or go for a hike during the weekend.

Learn relaxing breathing techniques

Teach yourself how to breathe using your abdomen. It has been shown to relieve anxiety and help to relax.

Take time to meditate

Try a little meditation on a daily basis and see how it goes. It will help you keep your life balanced by helping you avoid stressful events.

Create a playlist of soothing music

There are many playlists of soothing music on YouTube. Find your favorite and this will help you relax.

Learn to dance

Dancing, like yoga, will relieve you of anxiety.

Call a friend or family, and engage them in a conversation

Call your best friend or mother, and talk to them about your day. Do not forget to ask them how they are fairing.

Take a power nap

Power naps will do you a lot of good. Just a 20-minute sleep between tasks. It will boost your brain activity and alertness.

Create time for adequate sleep

Sleep for at least 6-8 hours every night.

Seek help from a professional

If the stress is affecting your life, visit a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Professional translators, just like any other specialists, are exposed to stress more than others. Following these tips will help you reduce stress during your working schedule and will allow you to do more in less time.

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