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We have created a certified and notarized translation tool that makes it easy for you as a client to calculate the price of a certified translation with the option to notarize it. If you are happy with the price and service we offer, you can directly place an order online. Fill in all the details, pay the invoice and we will start right away with your translation.

We have the lowest prices in the industry and we can deliver your certified or notarized translation the second day (sometimes faster, depending on the source language).

Certified or notarized translations are best suited when you are presenting personal documents in international offices. The documents that are translated the most are personal, like birth and marriage certificates, academic certificates, personal and family documents. These are either one page or a few pages long and the cost could be high for the client, but not with us, as we charge the lowest rates in the industry. To find out the price, simply use our certified translation tool.

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What’s the price for your certified translation?

When all is said and done, it will always be about the prices. So the big question is, how much are we charging for a certified translation? Universal Translation Services charges $20 per page as the price for your certified translation if the page has less than 200 words. If there are more than 200 words on the page, we charge $0.12 per word instead.

Quick translation: We provide your certified translation in a day with no extra charges. We are here to serve you and a few pages of translation do not take long. You will not need to pay any extra charges for quick delivery.

No Hidden Charges:  You don’t have to worry about any hidden taxes, rates, or any other extra pricing when you order a translation from us.

Guaranteed Acceptance: Our translations are guaranteed to be accepted at any institution in the US.

We are the best providers of translation at a good price for your needs. Use our certified translation tool below to get your free quote!


Over the past decades, our world has developed in all fields and the internet has expanded hugely as a platform for getting and enhancing information, but we can easily fall for false information too. This database is so enormous that it is difficult to find legitimate and certified documents. Some things are important to every man such as birth, marriage, family, education, etc. Therefore, papers about these subjects are also very significant and no compromises should be made in their translation. When we want to get these personal reports interpreted into other languages, we may face difficulties as we try to search for appropriate translations for our documents a state of frustration trying to search for the appropriate translators that will offer a document that is completely according to our needs. But no more of that, because a notarization tool will provide us with certified and notarized translations for affordable prices in a short time.

We can calculate the costs of the papers and have the overall idea of the time duration it will require with ease. We need translation of our reports at various moments of our life, whether it is during traveling or while presenting our documentation on international platforms. Therefore, a notarization tool is considered extremely helpful in getting fraud-free certified documents in no time.


How to calculate your certified translation price using our free translation quote tool

See the video below on how to calculate your certified translation cost

How to calculate your certified translation price using our free translation quote tool

Yes, a notary official may translate a document. But the official cannot notarize the document they have translated. This means that if they are serving as a translator for a document, they can’t serve as a notary for the said documents.

If you want a document officially, it means that you’ll have to provide a certified translation. Now, even though you can do that yourself but it is important to understand that a professional translator or a translation agency is your best option. A certified translation is accompanied by a certificate of accuracy and it is signed by the translator or stamped by the translation agency. So it’s best to go with a professional translation service for your birth certificate translation or any other legal documents.

If you want to translate a notarized document, you should never do it yourself unless you are a professional translator. The best way to get a translation of your official document, notarized or otherwise, is by acquiring the services of a legal translator. Most translation companies provide legal translation for police records, school transcripts, medical documents, and all types of translations for an immigration office. With their experience in the field, you can stay assured that their translations would be approved and there will be no complications.

They also understand the legal formalities associated with such translation projects.

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