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20 Spanish Expressions to Learn Before You Go to Honduras

20 Spanish Expressions to Learn Before You Go to Honduras
Honduran Slang
(Last Updated On: May 29, 2022)

What Are Slang Words?

Slang terms are words and phrases favored over the everyday vocabulary of a language by its speakers. Slang words vary from country to country and sometimes from region to region. If two countries speak the same language, they will have different slang words. For instance, slang words in the United States are other than the standard slang terms used in England. Sometimes, the slang terms are different from region to region within the same country. Despite that, every country has a few terms and phrases spoken and understood nationally. Read about our blog what is the official language of Honduras.

Spanish in the Americas:

The Spanish language is recognized officially in over twenty countries. The majority of the Spanish-speaking population is not in Europe but in the Americas. Almost all the countries in the Americas speak Spanish as their native language. In all the Central American countries including Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras different varieties of Spanish are spoken. But despite the differences, these varieties of Spanish are collectively known as Central American Spanish. There are a few cultural similarities in the region that have also influenced the native language of Central American countries.

Spanish Expressions to Learn

What is slang for Honduran?

A Honduran is an illegal immigrant from Honduras who enters the United States illegally. Also, a hondureño (Honduran) is someone from Honduras.

What does Paja mean in Honduras?

Paja means “grass” or “herb” in Spanish. It is used to refer to any grassy plant. Pajas are small, round, dried fruits made from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica). They are eaten fresh or cooked with meat or fish.

Spanish in the Americas

20 Spanish Expressions ( Honduran Slang ) to Learn Before You Go to Honduras:

The variety of Spanish spoken in Honduras is known as Honduran Spanish. It shares many features with the Spanish spoken in El Salvador and Costa Rica. But the Honduran Slang is pretty unique. It is also quite common in the country. People all over the country prefer using slang words in their everyday conversations. So, if you are planning to visit Honduras, learning a few basic expressions can be a good idea. You may not be able to understand Honduran Spanish in its entirety, but being able to use a few common expressions will help you connect with the natives. The people of Honduras would appreciate your efforts to learn their standard terms. Here are 20 Honduran Spanish expressions that you should understand before visiting Honduras:

1. Vaya Pues

It is a very common word in Honduras. It can be used to end a phone conversation. But Vaya Pues also tells someone that you are listening to them like ‘uh-huh’ or ‘right!’

2. Catracho

Like Costa Ricans, Hondurans love their nicknames. Catracho is their nickname for themselves, and they use it with pride.

3. Charla

This word is used to refer to ‘an irresponsible person.’

4. Chele

This is the word the speakers of Honduran Spanish use to refer to White people.

5. Cheque

This cheque does not refer to the cheque you are thinking of. It is used as a positive reaffirmation word. Whenever you have to say ‘okay’ or ‘alright’ in Honduras, you can use the word cheque to do so.

6. Que Pepsi

This is quite a unique expression. It translates to ‘how Pepsi!’ but the phrase’s meaning is ‘that’s cool’  So, you can use Que Pepsi to express your amazement.

7. Chuco

This word can have many meanings in Honduras, ranging from muddy and stained to dirty. The real meaning depends on the context.

8. Mi Amor

Even if you don’t know a single Spanish word, there is a high chance that you are familiar with this phrase. Mi Amor means ‘my love.’ It is not only limited to Honduras. It is used in all the countries where Spanish is an official language, including El Salvador and Costa Rica.

9. Cipote

It is a word for small children that only elders use whenever they need to get a kid’s attention.

10. Jilote

Jilote is another Honduran word for people with dull and slow brains. You can use the word to refer to someone who can’t understand things easily.

11. Macizo

The literal meaning of this word is ‘solid.’ You can use it to describe the quality of products.

12. Que Mas Hizo

The phrase is used like ‘Que Pepsi!’ but more emphatically. Que Mas Hizo also means ‘that’s cool!’

13. Maje

You won’t be wrong if you think that maje looks like the English word, mate. It means ‘bro’ and is only used between two close male friends.

14. Los Chepos

This term is used in Honduras to refer to the police.

15. Pijin

It is the Spanish language word for ‘party.’ If someone invites you to a Pijin, get ready to have fun.

16. Pulperia and La Trucha

Both these words refer to a ‘corner shop.’ Corner shops have become quite common in Honduras, so there are special terms for them.

17. Yuca

It can refer to a rigid person and a challenging situation that a person can’t get out of.

18. Mara

Mara is a fascinating term. It can either mean a gang of criminals from Central America or your close friends. In either case, it refers to a crew.

19. Enchufado

When you are in the zone or too focused on something, Enchufado is the word you can use to describe the state of your mind.

20. Alero

It is the best word in Honduran slang Spanish to describe your best friend. Its literal translation is ‘the one on your wing.’

Now that you know twenty basic Spanish expressions, you can start preparing for your trip to Honduras. Don’t forget to impress the natives by inserting Honduran slang in your conversations from time to time.

The word Chuco is the closest to dirty in meaning.

Pucha means Damn, Drat, Well I am damned in Horandus. It is the equivalent of Puta in Spanish.

Chucho means a mutt, a little dog, especially a mongrel.

The word Cabal means Cabala in Honduras. The meaning is the same as that of Cabal in English, a secretive group of politicians or influential people that meet up for making secret plans.

  • Catracho ( meaning a person from Honduras)
  • Maje ( meaning dude, bro, and mate)
  • Chele ( used for referring to a white person)

Some examples of Honduran superstitions include:

Never whistle at night because the Devil may answer.

It is forbidden to sweep the floor at night because it can shorten the person’s life doing it.

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