Some interesting facts about the Spanish language in the US

Spanish language in the US
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Are you looking up Spanish as a language and wondering whether it is a good language skill to acquire or thinking about how to further expand your English-based business? Universal Translation Services has been looking into the basic facts about the Spanish language in the US and have come up with a fun infographic for you to review while you evaluate the importance of the language.

The Spanish language in the US

Fun Facts about the Spanish Language – infographic

Around forty five million people are either native or learned the Spanish language in the United States. The language has three hundred and thirty million native speakers all over the world. Of course most of them are focused in Mexico, Spain or the South Americas.

Almost four hundred million people speak Spanish all around the world in thirty one countries. This is a phonetic language that rose from the Indo-European family of languages. It has its roots in the Arabic and Latin languages that converged to give birth to the Spanish language.

This, and a lot more interesting stuff about the Spanish language in the US have been added into our infographic, which you can see in the next image (click it for a larger one). You can also download the Spanish language infographic in pdf format.

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Spanish language facts

The Spanish language in the US

“The United States is expected to gain additional fifty five million Spanish speakers by 2060 due to immigration, naturalization and local spread of the Spanish language.”

The Unites States has the second largest population of Spanish speakers after Mexico because of its ever growing Spanish population and a growing interest in the non-Spanish speakers of the population that live in areas that were colonized by the Spanish empire in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. These areas are California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Florida. All of these areas have a substantial Spanish speaking population and the non-Spanish speaking locals also learn the language due to its prevalence in their habitat.

“Around 2.3 million dollars in revenues are collected from Florida, California and Texas that comes from Hispanic speaking population.”

The Hispanic population was shown to have purchase power of 630 billion dollar in a survey conducted in 2004.

Where to get affordable Spanish translation

The above facts show that there is a raising need in the business world to translate their English content into Spanish to localize for the West Coast of the United States, a smart and keen-eyed business plan. You will need a way to gain the attention of your target audience in order to get a successful launch of your business and your products into the Spanish speaking market.

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Localization or globalization?

What is localization? This is the strategy where you will take your nationally or internationally known product or business and convert it into a local product by adapting its identity and presentation to the local population. Your content, banners and phrasing will all target the local audience exclusively.

What is globalization? In globalization, you will take your local product, that you may have developed in a Spanish culture and bring it to the world as a product or service that is universally accessible and needed.

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