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It is human nature to associate two things together. This habit makes it easier for us to remember things. There are dozens of memory techniques that utilize the association rule to help students memorize long lists of topics. Sometimes, the association rule also affects our ability to think fairly. That’s what happens when we start believing in stereotypes instead of trying to form our own opinions. But not all associations are bad, even if they are limiting. For instance, what we see in the movies become the true version of events for us. When we see Christmas in New York being all white in the movies, we think that the city is straight out of a fairy land. We fail to imagine the image of the city once the snow melts down and leaves puddles of water behind.

A lot of our thoughts about places we have never been to rely completely on the data we receive from the media. You may think that the entertainment industry is only hiding the negative points from you. But sometimes a lot of good things about a city or country get ignored because they don’t have enough entertainment value. Showing beaches and party life sells but taking the time out to portray the culture of a city, now that’s another thing altogether.

Many people have a fixed image of a lot of US states and cities in their minds, all thanks to the entertainment industry. But if you want to know more about the every day life of a city, you won’t find out about it in a movie. However, you can learn about a city from afar thanks to the internet. You can connect with its people on social media, check travel forums, and read books to learn everything about the place. There are also plenty of articles available online full of information about important locations that you can look up and fill your mind with the right kind of data.

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The name of the City of Miami makes everyone thinks of beaches and that CSI spin off with David Caruso. But many people don’t know that the city is also the cultural center of South Florida. Even the beaches of the city are not represented properly in the media and people hardly ever hear about the parks of Miami. The city has more than eighty parks and gardens. The year-round warm weather of Miami makes it the ideal place for outdoor activities. People turn to the beaches not only to get tanned but also to enjoy activities like fishing, sailing, and boating.

The Spanish Culture in Miami:

The thing that makes Miami really special is not just its beaches and parks, but its cultural diversity. Miami’s culture is so diverse that many people think it is a part of Latin America and not of the US. But the city is nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America” so it wouldn’t be far from the truth to think of it as a part of those countries.

The population of Miami started becoming diverse when Cubans flee to the city after the revolution in Cuba. Today, Miami has the highest Cuban-American plurality in the US. According to one estimate, it has over a million Cuban residents. The Cuban population make Miami the second largest Spanish speaking place in the US. The culture Miami is known for has heavy influences from different communities. The ethnicities living in the city make up its defining features. Although Italian immigrants and Native Americans also influence the culture of this city, the biggest role is played by the Spanish speaking Cubans.

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The Spanish culture in the city can be experienced in various ways. Festivals are a common thing in this city of Florida. No one can visit Miami and not get to see a local festival. The Hispanic flavor can be seen everywhere in the city from art and music to food and clothes. You can see glimpses of this flavor in small every day life things too like people playing dominoes in the park and kids playing a game of soccer on every weekend.

If you want to enjoy Cuban coffee without going to Cuba, you can do that in Miami. You can’t get much closer than that. The original flavor and aroma of the coffee will make you feel like you are sitting at a Cuban café, which in a way is true even if you are in Miami. Once you are there, why stay limited to coffee? You can enjoy all the Cuban food you can think of. And if you tell the restaurant how much you love their culture; they will be extra nice to you.

If you plan on visiting Miami anytime soon and want to see with your eyes the Spanish culture of the city, don’t keep your trip limited to the beach. Visit the many Cuban restaurants, see museums and notice the Spanish influence on artworks, play dominoes with the locals, and attend a festival. No matter which month you plan on going to the Floridian city, you can find a fun filled festival waiting for you. You will get to see the influence of Spanish culture on the life of Miami with your own eyes and see how diversity can build up communities and bring out the best in them. Everyone who has visited Miami once can attest to the beauty of diversity.

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