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Tips for translators: where to find free webinars

Tips for translators: where to find free webinars
tips for translators
(Last Updated On: October 4, 2021)

Freelance translators are required to have so many special skills in accordance to their work that are maybe sometimes skipped by the official studies they do. But to keep them updated of today’s world and its requirements and advancement, we try to post tips for translators that would help you. One of the best resources for translators are the many seminars which are organized online. But who wouldn’t like to sit at home and polish their skills? To serve such a purpose, recorded and free webinars are a new ride to enjoy.

free webinars

How could webinars help you?

The webinars are not only a good but free of cost source to improve and nurture oneself as a translator, as a freelancer, and also practice skills and identify areas of improvement in oneself. These online free seminars therefore, give great tips for translators which help in keeping up with the advance world and such training are thereby extremely necessary.

Following are a few of the best webinars which have great tips for translators.

SDL webinars

SDL: SDL offers a variety of webinars that are recorded. These SDL webinars can be found under their translation zone. They do not only offer free webinars but also their entire website is based on translation industry that helps in knowing the CAT tools as well for translations. The Trados, MultiTerm etcetera are all working under SDL providing help in various tasks to freelance translators.

SDL webinars

Other webinars with tips for translators

Foxdocs: This is another website that offers a variety of webinars of even SDL on its website. Judy Jenner’s Conflict and Resolution is also found on this website with many other webinars for translators and interpreters. Those webinars are there mainly to focus on basic skills required to be a translator, and the areas where a translator can improve. It also pinpoints and works to tell solutions of the problems faced by freelance translators. This website also has other blogs for freelance translators like Multifarious by Paul Filkin.

Proz: this website provides trainings in the form of webinars. For some of them a calendar is made and you have to register for them according to the number of seats available. Visually boring, it is a handy website to find important webinars arranged to polish skills of a translator. Courses are also available for the same purpose.

SmartCat: SmartCat.ai is a cloud-based website that holds a series of virtual training for the freelance translators along with webinars for the upliftment of them. It consistently focuses on freelancing translator’s terminologies as well as many other skills such as machine or interface using, project saving and completion etc. They are also actively available for their users and feedbacks.

That about sums up the best webinars you can find for free online. If you need more help watch our translator training videos or get in touch with us.

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