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There are thousands of professions in the world and none of them are easy. Whichever subject you decide to pursue, you will have to work hard for it. But all of them require more than just hard work in professional life. With some, you may have to sacrifice your time the most. There are a few fields that require emotional labor. While some may affect your health by making you sit in the same position the whole day. However, that’s just part of the way things are and everyone has to make sacrifices to earn their livelihood. Even if people join a profession they are passionate about, they will still feel tired because of it from time to time.

There are a few professions which are termed noble because they require both emotional and physical labor. They are mostly chosen by those who are truly passionate about them. No one can be good at a difficult job if they don’t like it. Medical is the profession that people respect all over the world. Many people grow up wanting to be a doctor. Not all of them get an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Everyone who joins this field have to work hard throughout their life. Their struggle starts in their academic life and it only gets harder from there.

If someone decides to do specialization, they will spend most of their adulthood studying and learning until they can become an expert. And once they do, they will have to be prepared to get called in at 2AM. Everyone in the medical profession works to make the patients’ lives easier. From doctors to nurses, all of them deserve respect for dedicating their whole lives to such a noble field.

Medical Dictionaries

One thing worth keeping in mind about the medical world is that you never stop learning. Even after you become a doctor, you will have to consult your books from time to time. One of the reasons behind that is there is a huge amount of data available about human health and the factors that affect it. There are plenty of diseases which are rare. There are also new researches being carried out all the time and new information is getting added to the healthcare database frequently. In order to keep themselves up to date, everyone in the healthcare industry has to keep on learning all their lives.

Top 10 Medical Dictionaries:

Medical Dictionary app

A medical dictionary is the best thing to keep by your side if you are a healthcare professional. You can look up terms whenever needed. However, it is impossible to carry a book in your lab coat. Fortunately, we have mobile phones and amazing apps these days which do the job just fine. Here are the top ten medical dictionaries:

  1. Oxford Medical Dictionary:

Oxford dictionaries are famous all over the world. The one they made for the healthcare professionals include more than twelve thousand terms. It is available in physical format and as an app. It is suitable for both students and professionals.

  1. Medical Dictionary App by Farlex:

Whether you are a nurse or a doctor, this is something you must have on your phone. It will give you access to over 40,000 entries without an internet connection. It also includes medicine guide for both over the counter and prescription drugs.

  1. Diseases Dictionary by Atomic Infoapps:

This is the quickest way to learn about symptoms and treatment options for different diseases. Which makes it a must have for the doctors working in the healthcare industry.

  1. Dorland’s Medical Dictionary:

If you want to know the meaning of a term as well as how to pronounce it, this is the app for you. It has a collection of 40,000 medical terms and lets you choose favorites for later viewing.

  1. Drugs Dictionary Offline: Free:

If you have trouble remembering the names of drugs, this app can be highly useful. You can calculate the dosage, read the side effects, and learn all about a drug thanks to this application.

  1. Medical Terminology A-Z – Offline (Free):

Along with all the necessary terms, this app also contains information about medical tests. You can bookmark entries for later viewing. There is also a very good search feature which can help you find any term. It is also pretty useful for medical students.

  1. Medical Terminology: Search & Vocabulary:

Offering terms, phrases, and abbreviations for free, this app is a favorite of many. It also has a sharing feature so you can discuss terms with your friends while studying. You can access all the medical terms without an internet connection.

  1. Disorder & Diseases Dictionary 2019:

This is the most comprehensive disease and treatment dictionary out there and it is available for free. You can access all of it without an internet connection and find information about different diseases and treatment options pretty easily.

  1. Offline Dictionary of Medical Terms:

Get access to 150,000 medical terms with this app. The database is updated with new terms regularly. You can look up words easily and also find their pronunciation and synonyms.

  1. Mosby’s Medical Dictionary:

If you prefer a physical book, there is no better option than this one. You will get over fifty thousand definitions and 2450 visual aids to help you better understand the terms common in the healthcare industry.

If you want to join the medical profession, don’t hesitate to get help from useful resources from time to time.

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