Top 20 Universities in the US for study language courses

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Top 20 Universities in the US for study language courses

If you have a love for languages, and you want to build a career in the relative services, you must already be considering studying language courses in the US. But it is not an easy task finding the right place to continue your learning process, considering the abundance of colleges and universities offering linguistic courses. Lucky for you, we have selected the top 20 universities where you can study foreign languages by the world’s leading educationists, historians, interpreters and language experts. The environment of these faculties will surely give you the best experience of your life. Even after the completion of courses in these institutes, you’ll never forget the time spent in those institutions due to their matchless study environment.

The institutions listed below have been selected on the basis of their popularity, students’ reviews and key statistics. These institutions have an irreplaceable reputation in offering foreign language degrees to both national and international students.

Stanford University

Located in Stanford, California, this institute offers language courses in more than 40 languages. Stanford, with its incredibly low acceptance rate of 5%, is a place with a highly competitive environment. According to the statistics, passed out graduates can get a job with a starting salary of more than $70,000.

Columbia University

You might have heard the name in many Hollywood movies but the institute truly does justice to its fame. Located in Manhattan, the New York City area, this area is home to students learning languages such as German, Italian, Brazilian, Spanish and more.

CU also has a very competitive scenario for students with an acceptance rate of just around seven. However, students are expected to get a salary of around sixty six to sixty seven thousand USD after graduation.


Harvard University

Harvard doesn’t need any introduction. A dream of millions, this institute has been called the best in all aspects. From teaching, faculties, training, experts and famous students who went there, Harvard is truly marvelous. Situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard is popular for its degrees in economics, literature, language courses and computer sciences.

It goes without saying that like its counterparts, getting admission here, is perhaps the hardest, yet a rewarding career waiting at the end of the course is promising enough to convince the aspiring students.

Colorado State University

CSU is especially great for PhD degrees in languages. It’s getting increasingly popular for its proactive learning environment and the professors who teach there.


This institute is known for its highly competitive acceptance with a fairly low to medium number of students studying there. Yale is also famous for its online courses.

Princeton University

Situated in Princeton, New Jersey, this is a place everyone is familiar with. Again, extremely competitive acceptance rate, the Princeton is known for covering diverse subjects for majors including many languages.

Georgetown University

Georgetown in Washington DC is a catholic institute. The institution has been ranked pretty high in academics, value and diversity.


University Of Chicago

With a magnificent campus on the shore of Lake Michigan, this Rockefller founded institute is immensely popular for its evolution in the education system. Language courses offered here can surely help the students in the acquisition of a promising career as linguist or translator.


Vanderbilt with its utterly vibrant environment, enormous infrastructure and diverse faculty, has been ranked among the US top 20 universities for years. Students from all across the globe seek admission to this irresistible urban atmosphere in Nashville, TN.

Pomona College

Students from around 60 countries are currently studying in this college. Known for the liberal arts, this institute is a great place for those looking for language courses.

Brown University

This institution, with its open curriculum allows students to take courses of their choices irrespective of what they have chosen in the first place. So you can try your luck for a language course here.

Middlebury College

A place with diverse ethnicity, culture and race, it is the best option for choosing a language course. Not only can students learn here under the guidance of expert professors, but they can also learn so much more from those who speak their selected languages.

University Of Pennsylvania

With a 9% acceptance rate, this university is always full of the brightest minds from all around the world. Although, new admissions are highly selective, the faculty is enormous and serve students with different courses from an international level.

Rice University

With an impressive overall rating, the institution is also a very promising option for those who are looking to get admission in language courses in the US.

Washington University St. Louis

At this institute, you are expected to learn so much more than just education and skill. A strong community with motivation and strength is always there to support you in your practical career.

Bowdoin University

It is the perfect example of small things producing giant results. Located in a coastal town of Maine, this is an institute which proudly produced scholars, humanitarians, innovators and prestigious members of the society. You can also be a part of this university if you choose to study a language course here.

Dartmouth College

With a strong, kind and supportive environment, this college is an exceptional choice for you if you are looking forward to study in the US. Although, you’ll have to work very hard as the acceptance is really low.

Duke University

If along with language and words, you also have a thing for beautiful scenery, Duke University is the place you should choose for your studies.

Northwestern University

Located in Evanston, Illinois, this place is filled with professional expertise. Popular for the majors in social sciences, this is without a doubt a great start for your language courses.

University Of Southern California

The organization has a remarkable impression in academics, and if you are here, you’ll have to burn midnight oil to score good grades but once you are done with learning here, there’s no stopping you.

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