Top 30 Phrases Only Understood By Americans

Top 30 Phrases Only Understood by Americans
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From cultures to languages, everything in our lives is unique. One culture will be different from the next one. But when it comes to the everyday vernacular, we don’t often realize how different it is from the language of others. A lot of the times, we don’t even realize when we use a slang word in a sentence. We may also refer to something that is only popular in our culture. These are the kinds of things we do unintentionally. But when we do them in front of foreigners, their confusion makes us realize that our lives are different from them. Language is one of the best ways to measure the differences between two cultures. And it is the slang words and unique phrases used by people that help us study the differences between vernaculars.

Top 30 Phrases Only Understood by Americans:

The US is known for a lot of things. It is also the most popular country in the world, which is why everyone knows a thing or two about it. People love not only the US but also the movies and TV shows that are produced in the country. Through these movies and TV shows, outsiders can learn a lot about the American way of living. They can also pick up the American accent. Sometimes viewers also learn American slang and phrases through these movies and TV shows.

Here are the top 30 phrases that are only understood by Americans:

  1. Put Lipstick on a Pig:

It means to make superficial changes to something that is otherwise disliked to make it more presentable.

  1. Break a Leg:

It is a way of telling someone good luck before an exam, performance, or an interview.

  1. Not a Big Fan of:

This might sound strange to non-natives, but it simply means that you don’t like something.

  1. It’s Not Rocket Science:

It means that something is not too difficult, like rocket science.

  1. Break a Bill:

It is used to ask someone to give you a change and turn a larger bill into smaller ones.

  1. Don’t Be Such a Wet Blanket:

Whenever someone is being a downer and ruining everyone’s mood, this phrase is used.

  1. Green Thumb:

If someone is good at gardening, then that means they have a green thumb, simple!

  1. How Are You?

When an American says this to someone, they just mean ‘hi.’ They are not actually asking how you are.

  1. Behind the Eight Ball:

Whenever someone is in a tough spot, they can use this phrase to describe their situation.

  1. Working the Graveyard Shift:

This is a way of saying that someone is working the night shift.

  1. Under the Weather:

Whenever someone is sick, they will be under the weather.

  1. Tell Me About It:

If an American says this, do not tell them about it. They are just saying, ‘I know what you mean.’

  1. Spill the Beans:

Whenever you want someone to share some secret information with you, you can say spill the beans.

  1. Shoot the Breeze:

This one means talking about unimportant things for a long time.

  1. Monday-Morning Quarterback:

If you second-guess everything, then your American friends will call you a Monday-morning quarterback.

  1. Ballpark Figure:

If someone asks for a ballpark figure, they want you to give them a rough numerical estimate.

  1. Sounds Like a Broken Record:

If someone keeps repeating themselves, then they sound like a broken record.

  1. For the Birds:

If something is trivial, then it is for the birds. This one was first used by the US Army during the Second World War.

  1. The Cat’s Out of the Bag:

If someone has revealed a secret, then they can’t take it back. So, the cat is out of the bag with the secret.

  1. Jump on the Bandwagon:

This one has been popularized by social media. Whenever someone joins a popular trend, everyone tells them that they have jumped on the bandwagon. It can also be used when someone begins supporting a popular movement.

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  1. Fallen Through the Cracks:

If something goes unnoticed, then that means it has fallen through the cracks. It is similar to losing your car keys between the cushions of your sofa.

  1. Throws You Under the Bus:

If someone betrays you for their own advancement, then that means they threw you under the bus.

  1. Ride Shotgun:

If someone says they want to ride shotgun, then that means they wish to sit in the front passenger seat.

  1. In a New York Minute:

If someone asks you to finish a task in a New York minute, they want you to do it very quickly.

  1. Have the Blues:

When someone is depressed, or they are sad, then they have the blues.

  1. By the Skin of Your Teeth:

This one simply means barely and can be used in a number of different ways.

  1. Drive-up the Wall:

If someone is annoying you, then you can say that they are driving you up the wall.

  1. Give the Cold Shoulder:

If a person gives you the cold shoulder, then that means they are ignoring you.

  1. Put Up a Front:

When someone is not feeling strong, but they try to act tough, they put up a front. This can also be used in various ways.

  1. That Hit the Spot:

When something is really good, then it hits the spot. Most of the time, Americans use this phrase after eating something good. The phrase is a way to say that the thing they consumed was exactly what they needed.

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