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The world is full of all kinds of things and as a result, there are fans of everything. If you go on Tumblr or Twitter, you will be able to see fandoms quite frequently. They also get in fights with the people who say something against their idols. But it’s all fun until someone questions another person’s right to like a band or a movie. There are certain stereotypes in our society that prevents people from living their lives the way they want to. Those who read comics and manga are bullied by others. And if an adult does these things, they will become a joke at every gathering they go to. It is like society doesn’t want people to have fun.

It is true that adults have a lot of responsibilities and their first focus should be their work so they can afford to pay their bills and live somewhat comfortably. But that doesn’t mean that they should live a dull and boring life. Everyone has the right to be entertained and do activities that bring them happiness. The rules of the society probably won’t change anytime soon and adults watching superhero movies will always be criticized but it is up to the younger generations now to start changing the narrative and live their lives without the fear of judgement.

When people will accept their choices and live their truth unapologetically, the rest of the world will get the hint too. Those who are struggling with their choices can take inspiration from the younger people who are not afraid of what the world thinks. For millennials, it was the American boy bands that became harder to follow once they grew old. For generation Z, Korean boy bands, better known as the K-Pop industry has become the best way to get entertained. Despite the language barrier, millions of people enjoy the music of these bands. They also don’t like to be told what they can and cannot like. We can all learn a thing or two from the youngsters who don’t want to explain their choices to anyone and are comfortable with the way they are.

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Some fans of K-Pop have also started taking interest in Korean. Although they can search and read the meanings of the lyrics online easily, there is nothing like knowing the language and understanding it when your favorite band is singing live. This is why people turn to solutions they can try easily without the fear of a deadline. In order to do that, they either choose translations apps or online tools for help. There is also another option that can help the fans of K-Pop and that is a dictionary. It is true that dictionaries don’t actually teach a language and are more about words, but they can still help a lot. In fact, dictionaries are very helpful when you know basics of a language because you can improve your vocabulary and expand your knowledge. Once you know plenty of words, it will be easier for you to understand and speak a language.

Top Five English to Korean Dictionaries:

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Instead of studying a foreign language’s words, it is better to find the meaning of your native tongue’s words in the vernacular you are trying to learn. This makes the process a lot easier and will help you understand the language in a lot better way. English to Korean dictionaries are not only helpful for the ones trying to learn the language but also translators who may need assistance from time to time during work. Here are the top five English to Korean dictionaries:

  1. English Korean Dictionary by Innovative Software:

This one comes with a backup option and offers both English to Korean and Korean to English support. You don’t need an internet connection to use it. You can also get the sounds of the words on this app.

  1. Korean Dictionary & Translator – Dict Box:

The best thing about this one is the sentences search. You can look up phrases and also get word suggestion whenever you mistype something. You can view your search history and favorite words so you can come back to them later. It also has a pronunciation option which is available without the internet too.

  1. Google Translate:

This is a translation app which can work as a dictionary too. It has an image search feature where things can be picked from an image and then translated. Everyone that deals with languages loves this app.

  1. Dictionary Linguee:

The good thing about this app is that it is multilingual. It offers definitions, explanations, and pronunciations of words. You can also get an offline mode of this.

  1. Korean English Dictionary by BkiT Software:

This is particularly helpful for those who travel frequently to South or North Korea. It has all the helpful features for travelers, students, and workers. It has communication help which is international standard and not limited with local words.

There are plenty of other apps that can help the people who want to learn phrases in Korean. But as for a dictionary, the above-mentioned options are pretty good for most users. They come with useful features and a friendly interface which can keep people from getting confused about the working of the app. Whether you are learning Korean or just polishing your vocabulary, don’t forget to install the above-mentioned apps, they will make your life a lot easier.

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