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People have always been able to trust and rely on familiar things. They will trust a friend’s inaccurate account of an incident than believe a stranger even if they are telling the truth. This goes in every field of our lives. And once we have established enough trust with someone and has seen them around forever, we begin to repeat our patterns. For instance, people are more likely to vote for the candidate they have voted for all their lives instead of someone new, no matter how promising their manifesto is. This is why the US President often gets reelected. Even if there are better options available, people go for things that sound safe.

These choices are not based on research or a deep analysis. We don’t evaluate the pros and cons of the situation and go with our heart to trust the one we know. This is why it takes a new politician some time to get people to trust them just like it takes new brands some time to make a name for themselves in the market. It isn’t just about the competition in most cases. Maybe the competition is not even offering high-quality products, maybe the new company has better goods, but people don’t like change, especially when it means giving up on what’s familiar and safe.

With the way technology has progressed in the last couple of decades and changed the way we look at things is remarkable. But the rule of trusting the safer options hasn’t changed. In the past, people only had grocery items’ brand names to trust, today, there are electronic devices and internet providers to add to the list of people we find reliable. A lot of people who use Android phones would never move to an iPhone. Even if the iPhone’s camera quality is better than an Android and it never freezes, it is not something they are familiar with. The same way Apply users rarely move over to Android because they are used to the iOS and the way it works. They wouldn’t be able to use an Android phone efficiently.

In the technological world that we live in, it has become quite impossible to trust new names. Every device costs a lot of money and that’s why people prefer to buy gadgets of companies they have known all their lives. They know the safer option is the brand that has always delivered results. There are a few people who spend money on new products too and take their chances with ambitious new businesses but majority sticks to the names they can trust. Just like companies, websites have always gained reputation for being useful. There are a few no one would trust when it comes to delivering accurate news. They are known for circulating false news and now people know better than to trust them. There are also those who have the reputation of being fair each time they cover the news. Everyone would expect BuzzFeed to share listicles and silly quizzes but they won’t rely on it for fair coverage of election.

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Another name that has gained a good reputation among internet users is Google. It was there before anyone else and has been with internet users right from the start. It is something people can turn to whenever they need help no matter what it is about. Whether a student needs help solving questions or a pet owner wants to know how to care for their pet, Google has the answers to everything. But if Google is a powerful search engine, does that also mean all its other tools are reliable too?

Is Google Translator the Best Translation App?

Over the years, Google has launched various tools and services to help people. Its email feature, known as Gmail, is everyone’s favorite. There was no way that Google was going to stay behind when it came to translation. They launched Google Translator, an app that can help people with finding the meaning of words and phrases written in foreign languages.

Here are the salient features of this app:

  • Detects languages so even if you don’t know in which language a phrase is, Google Translator has got you covered.
  • Can pick data from images, texts, and even videos.
  • Comes with voice support so you can get the translation in real time.
  • Offers translation app in one hundred and three languages.
  • Is available for all types of phones.
  • Also has a web version that people can use on their computers.
  • The app also offers pronunciations so you can learn how to say a word as well as find out its meaning.
  • Translations can be downloaded for offline use and accessed whenever needed.

The features of the app show that it is a very useful tool for people who need translations frequently. But is it the best translation app available today? Well, by a huge margin. It is true that it can never come close to the work of a human translator and it will make mistakes on some occasions. But if we are comparing Google Translator’s performance with other apps, then it is definitely better than all of them and does its job very nicely. No other app available today offers support for more than a hundred languages. And Google Translator’s ability to read images and translate them is also a very unique feature that no other app is currently offering. If you are looking for the best translation app then you should definitely go for Google Translator.

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Is Google Translator Better Than Human Translation?

There are a lot of machines that handle many jobs for us nowadays. Many people debated the usefulness of machines. Some feared that they would overtake our industries and throughout people who work there. It has proven true in some cases, but the jobs that are now handled by machines were dangerous for people in the first place. As a result, it is good for us that we have created better alternatives for the world. When all things considered, our lives have become better because of modern inventions. But there will always be questions about the extent to which our devices can go.

Google that started as a search engine, has come a long way. Today, it is the service that brings us emails and helps us send pictures and files to friends, family, and colleagues. There are so many services offered by Google today. One of the most used services of the company is its translation feature. Travelers can rely on the service to help them with ordering food whenever they are in a foreign country. It can also be used to read information written on pamphlets. It also helps people with image translation.

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But the question remains about the accuracy of the service. Is it reliable enough to help us with all kinds of linguistic problems? People require the help of experts whenever they need translations for immigration, admission to a university, business meetings, advertising, etc. But can we get the same services from an internet service? There are many who think that Google’s service can become even better in the future. The service has improved a lot so far. In the beginning, it wasn’t as accurate as it is today. Over time, new techniques were used to improve the translation process. The most advanced type of machine translation technique is used by Google today, which is why it has gotten better with common languages.

But it is nowhere near as accurate as human experts. The reason behind that is the cultural part of a vernacular that only a person with feelings and emotions can understand. The app is also not fit to consider the context of a conversation or document to translate it accordingly. Human translators spend years in the field and then become capable of doing their job perfectly. This isn’t something that can be taught to a machine. This is why, despite all of its technology, Google will not be able to make an accurate translator at any point in time. Whenever people require help with official and business documents, they will have to turn to translation agencies and human experts. Otherwise, they won’t be able to get accurate and perfect translations.

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