US University Admission

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US University Admission

US universities are dreams of millions all around the world. The impeccable structure of education in these institutions makes them utterly desirable for young aspiring students in every continent. Irrespective of the nationality, ethnicity, culture, religion and caste, those who want to learn and hope to master their relevant field, only want one thing alone, getting admission in their favorite universities. But getting admission in universities in the US requires more than just talent, qualifications and resources. One has to understand that the acquisition of a student visa is a thorough and systematic process, and in order to avoid any complication in the process, the set rules must be followed at any cost.

In this article, we would like to present the top 10 rules that you must follow before applying for admission in any US university. Although every university has its own certain criteria when it comes to offering admissions to immigrants. You can still gain the basic understanding of how the system works in the US.

1. Always Write To The University First

Once you have chosen the institution, you must write to their administration office for further information. You must never forget to include some important details, such as from where did you learn about the school, which course you are looking to opt for, your academic qualification etc.
You should ask the university about the requirements through this letter. This will be the first step of the process. By contacting the office directly, you’ll have no misunderstandings about the further procedure.

2.Take English Language Proficiency Tests

For all immigrants, English language proficiency tests are mandatory. In fact, they are expected to score a certain score to qualify for applying to a US educational institution. Don’t forget that tests and try to score as much as you can.


3. Look Out For Test Scores And Application Forms

Depending on the course you want to take, you must have completed tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT or the like. After receiving your letter, the university will send you an application form which you’ll have to fill along with the scores of the required tests.

4. Pay The Application Fee

Every application, regardless of the university, has a specific non-refundable fee. The fee must be paid along with application submission. Ranging between $35 to $100, this fee is obligatory. So ensure that you have double checked this box.

5. Register For University Test

Universities hold special admission tests for applicants. These tests determine the eligibility of the students to get admission in the university. Therefore, you must register for the test because without it, you won’t have the chance to prove your capabilities.

6. Take Tests

Prepare your tests through a recognized institution under the supervision of experienced teachers. These tests are your ticket to the US, so don’t mess them up. Once you clear them, you can move on the next steps.
After passing these exams, you’ll get an acceptance letter from the university. You’ll have to pay the deposit instantly after that. At this point, you’ll also have to prepare a statement of purpose, in which you will have to mention the expenses and how you are going to pay for it.

7. Write The Best Statement

It is crucial that you spent quality time on writing your statement of purpose. You must include your personal, academic and career information with clarity. The writing must also depict what you intend to do after the completion of the course. The university would want to have the assurance that you’ll stay only till your course lasts and that you’ll remain a law abiding citizen.

8. Immigration Preparation

After the approval, you should start preparing for the immigration. Start with compilation of the important documents. Visa application and processing requires perfection so consult with an immigration specialist who can help specifically with a study visa.

9. Don’t Forget The Translation

USCIS, the US immigration department wants all of your required documents translated into clear and precise English. Certified translations of your birth certificate, academic papers including degrees, diplomas, driving license and any other particular document depending on the university rules, will be mandatory.
To avoid any trouble through the process, we advise you to translate all your important documents in advance. Keeping the certified translations with yourself will only save you trouble and the precious time which you can spend on buying your favorite stuff.

10. Never Lie

If you want a decent chance at living a better life by acquiring a degree from a prestigious institution in the US, make sure you don’t falsify any information. Any lag in the background check could be consequential, most of the times, deporting you back to your country or even worse, banning you from entering the US. So don’t jeopardize your future for a silly mistake.


Apart from these rules, you can get many pro tips by searching the internet. There are forums where you can get a lot of help on successfully passing tests etc.

If you have a friend or relative who is in the US, studying at a university, you can certainly get assistance from them.

And for translation needs of yours, we are here. With our immigration translators, you have got nothing to worry about. You just have to upload your documents and we’ll provide certified translations for them instantly.

If we can help you with any questions, please feel free to contact us