Top spoken languages in the world today (infographic)

top spoken languages in the world
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Universal Translation Services has recently conducted a survey of the world’s languages to come up with some fun facts to share with our readers. The topic of our research is top spoken languages in the world today. There are a total of 6900 languages spoken in the world but every three out of seven people speak one of these languages.

Top spoken languages in the world

Following a discussion between translators at our office in Aventura, we decided to come up with this article in regards to what are the top most spoken languages in the world today.

Our research into the available data has revealed that the most spoken language in the world is Mandarin – the language of China. The second most commonly spoken language in the world is Urdu or Hindi.

Following is our list of 10 top spoken languages in the world for you to enjoy. If you want to have a copy of this, you can download our infographic on the right, just click it for a lager version. We have also created a pdf document about the most spoken languages which is available for download.

top spoken languages - infographic
top 10 languages

Top spoken languages of the world

  • Mandarin: The language of the Chinese people is Mandarin with 873 million native speakers and 1.3 billion total speakers. Mandarin is the most commonly learned second language in the world as the world is rooting towards China for business and economy.
  • Hindi/Urdu: With 570 million native speakers and 970 total speakers, Hindi or Urdu is the most commonly spoken second languages. That is also very heavily due to the massive population and moving abroad culture in the South Asia.
  • Spanish: With 330 million native speakers and 550 million total speakers, the language of South Americas and Spain is the third in line for most commonly spoken languages.
  • English: Universal Translation Services found that English is fourth in line because the native speakers are only 328 million but total speakers are a whopping 1.8 billion people in the world. This is the most commonly spoken second language in the world.
  • Arabic: 232 million native speakers of the language of the entire Middle East with 260 total speakers. This language has a general focus around the Muslim world.
  • Portuguese: With 220 million native speakers and 250 in total, the language gets the sixth spot in the most spoken languages in the world.
  • Bengali: With 203 native speakers and 253 million total speakers, this language is mainly focused on Indian Bengal and the natives of Bangladesh.
  • Russian: This language is spoken in nativity by 145 million people with 130 million people as total speakers. The trend f learning Russian is strong due to its global and economical strength.
  • Japanese: The language has 126 million native speakers and 120 million total speakers. The language originated in Indian and Pakistani Punjab is fluently spoken by the expatriate community all across the globe.
languages of the world

The most used languages online are….

  • The most utilized language online is English with 26.8% users of the entire internet communicating in this language.
  • The second most utilized language online is Chinese with 24.2% users of the entire internet using the language.
  • Spanish is a far off third with 7.8% users using internet in the language.
  • All other languages make up for 26.4% of online users.

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