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 Translate content to Spanish can be a very smart strategy especially if you’re running an online business. Why get your content localized in Spanish? Because you are selling on the West Coast? The reasons go much deeper than that.

Spanish is the second most commonly used language for regular communication. The Spanish speaking population of the United States spreads into forty-five million or more people, who are either native speakers of the language or acquired it for personal or professional reasons.

Translate content to Spanish in a very simple way

Why translate content to Spanish? This is a valid question that deserves a proper answer. The language is spoken by four hundred million people all across the globe. The concentrated speaking population is of course in Spain or South Americas.

Where did Spanish come from: a good incentive to translate content to Spanish

The Spanish language comes from Indo-European family of languages with the basic linguistic growth sprouting from Arabic and Latin. The Spanish are truly the language that brings East and West together.

“The Spanish speaking population of the United States will increase up to fifty-five million until the year 2060 due to naturalization, immigration and the general interest in the language of the local population.”

In other words Spanish is a very popular language spoken by millions of people and it would be a real shame to ignore this interesting fact. This doesn’t mean that you have to learn Spanish yourself, there are plenty of online translation services which can turn out very useful.

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Mexico is the only land that supersedes the United States in the Spanish speaking population because of the growing Spanish population. As the market for Spanish consumers grows, so does the interest of local professionals to learn and know the Spanish language. This is another reason to translate content to Spanish!

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More reasons to translate content to Spanish:

California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Florida and Texas are all naturally strong bases of the Spanish language as they were colonized by the Spanish Armada in the sixteenth and the seventeenth century. Even the non-native speakers of Spanish became fluent in the language because their friends and colleagues are fluent speakers.

The Hispanic speakers in Florida, California, and Texas contribute around 2.3 million dollars in revenue to the economic ecosystem of the United States.

The purchasing power of the Hispanic population was 630 million dollars in 2004 according to a survey of the time.

Do you need to translate content to Spanish?

If you are launching your product in a state with a large Spanish speaking population then yes you do! Your target audience speaks Spanish and a lot of them do not speak English.

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Localization versus Globalization: translate content to Spanish

Globalization is basically the antonym to localization in terms of business. In localization, we take the already well cultivated, global identity of your brand and reinvent it on a smaller scale for a local audience of one or more States.

Whereas in globalization, we take the local identity of three block radius for your product and cultivate it for an audience of millions as you launch your product on a considerably larger scale.

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