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immigration translation certification
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When it comes to translation for immigration to the US, you will need immigration translation certification and sometimes you’ll need notarized translation too.

How to get immigration translation certification

If you’re lucky enough to have been living in a country where English is the language of the government then you won’t need to spend money to have your documents translated to English, to spend the effort of finding a translator or translation agency and to have it certified, and the wait to get these. But if you’re not, then you will have to find someone else to provide the immigration translation certification for you.

Supporting documents

These are the usual supporting documents that are needed for immigration to the US:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Marriage and Divorce certificates
  3. Passport
  4. Wills and Trusts
  5. Diploma and Transcript
  6. Adoption Papers
  7. Other government documents
  8. Testimonies
  9. Employment Letters
  10. Financial Statements
  11. Contracts
  12. Police records
  13. Leases
  14. Letters of references
Supporting documents
guarantee of accuracy

Certificate of accuracy

The type of documents to be submitted to USCIS are standard, meaning they have a form and don’t change, unless the government decided to carry out a revision, and that revision will be valid for many years. Since these documents are the same, except for the content you fill in, which doesn’t require much translation, if at all, then you would expect that already translated forms are floating around the web. In fact, you could download the translated blank forms from the translation agency websites themselves.

Unfortunately you can’t submit these as they are as they lack the immigration translation certification. You would still have to have them certified by someone other than yourself or your guarantor or benefactor. The translated documents need an attached “Certificate of Accuracy” to comply with US regulations. It declares that the translator or translation company accomplished the translation for immigration with completeness and accuracy. It is even better if the translator’s credentials are notarized. The “Certificate of Accuracy” only consists of a couple of lines.

Why would you trust us?

Immigration can prove to be a potentially daunting experience because of the encounters with immigration officers who make it their duty to skim through everything to ensure the safety of the country and to legalize your travel into the foreign land.  But, to prevent from an unpleasant experience with the immigration office, you should go prepared when the time comes to travel.

Translated documents are often required by the immigration offices to determine the status of the person before he is allowed to be entered into the state. The translations should be accurate but most importantly, it is advised that the translations be certified to avoid any mishap in the office. This duty comes to fall into the hands of the agency who is handling your immigration translation certification.

We are a leading translation agency who has been dealing in these matters for about 18 years. We offer certification along with the translation to save you from trouble. This certification is to be attained to assure you and the officers that our translation was carried out in a professional manner and that it is as accurate as humanly possible. The certificate is sealed with the certification and is bound to be accepted by the immigration office.

Our certification is carried out with the help of a special translator who has experience in the legal field and can follow through the requirements of the immigration office to ease out your experience. We then authenticate the translation by signing and sealing the certificate.

Our immigration translation certification is offered at the best rates possible. We have all kinds of deals to help with the size and complexity of the respective documents which are the cheapest in the country with the assurance of quality in the translations.

Unless you trust the one doing your immigration translation certification implicitly, it might be advisable to go to a known translation agency, especially one that has been providing certified translation services for years. It could be embarrassing to have your filing rejected because of translation errors. Translation companies might charge more for immigration translation certification (well, except us), but at least they will give you peace of mind.

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