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marriage certificate translation steps interesting

Marriage certificate translation: steps for translation infographic

Find out what are the main marriage certificate translation steps. We can help you understand this process muc better and make smarter choices. Whether you have immigrated from abroad or you were lucky enough to have your marriage proceedings on a paradise island, you will need a professional  marriage certificate translation in English or another language. Here we will show you the main steps of the translation process! Check it out!

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USCIS requirements for immigration guide

Requirements for USCIS immigration: what documents need to be translated?

People from all over the world are seeking to immigrate to US in a search of a superior life for themselves and/or their families. Others come here in search of higher education at colleges and universities. Nonetheless there are certain steps that need to be taken care of. And one of them is finding out what are the requirements for USCIS immigration. We can help!

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what is an affidavit of translation explained

What is an affidavit of translation?

When it comes down to notarized translations services of documents that have a legal significance or require the affirmation of accuracy through an authority of an official personnel, excessive care and caution go hand in hand. One such document is called the affidavit of translation. What is an affidavit of translation? We will explain further!

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Certificate of Translation Sample

Find Out More About The Certificate of Translation Sample

The certificate of translation sample is an official statement in which the translator confirms that he has accurately translated the document into the target language. A complete translation must accompany any foreign language document that the translator has certified as complete and correct, and by the translator's certification that they are qualified to translate the source language into target language.

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who can translate documents for uscis

Who Can Translate Documents For USCIS?

Translators have become an integral part of today's development. Without their expertise, language interpretation could have been a huge trouble. From immigration to business ventures, everything will be jammed. Thanks to them, our lives have become easier. Now going to a different country is less of a trouble and more of an exploration and pleasure.

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what is a certified translation

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation implies that the translator or the language service provider has assigned a signed statement stating that the translation that has been performed is an accurate and correct form of the original document.

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certified document translation near me

When do I need certified document translation near me?

There are various instances when one would need to be looking for a translation that is certified and that is why the question "Do I need certified document translation near me" pops up quite often these days. Some of our clients were wondering if they would need their translations done by a near-by translation company or anyone could do it for them. You can find the answer in this article.

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notarized translation of documents

How to get notarized translation of documents – an infographic

Notarized translation of documents is needed in various official purposes in the United States. Check our infographic to see when and where such translation is needed and how you can order it for cheap.

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become US citizen

What Are The Steps To Become US Citizen?

Want to become US citizen? There are several benefits to becoming one yet the process can be lengthy. Here's how to become a citizen and how much it takes

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certified document translation services near me

Certified document translation services near me: Do I really need them?

Several people view translation as a location-bound service and often search for it as such. Though there are times that it is essential to get a local translation agency, there are also procedures agencies take to ensure that you can receive translation anywhere - lessening the common worry of “I need to find certified document translation services near me.“

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