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Category Archives: Localization

Did you move with your family to a new country for education, employment, or just to live a better quality of life? If this is the case, please pay attention to the fact that you will need translation of all of your credentials that are necessary for applying for a visa.

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Top 20 spanish jokes

Are you learning Spanish? If yes, did you come across any Spanish jokes? Many people are curious about this interesting topic. So, let's explore and learn some Spanish with humor!

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certified transcripts

So, have you completed your bachelor's and now you are looking for a job in a foreign country to settle down? Or else you want to continue your higher education abroad? Note down that your understandable academic transcript translation will help to attain your goals much easier.

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what language is spoken in switzerland

We all adore Swiss movies and their culture and want to live there for a couple of months once in a lifetime. Do you know Switzerland has one of the most thriving cultures in the world? Cities are so beautiful and peaceful. All you need to do is to enjoy Swiss food and Swiss brands. But do you know what languages are spoken in Switzerland?

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Language is the key marker for an ethnic group. It allows us to communicate and share our values and beliefs of a particular culture and builds up society. The people of a country are represented by the language they speak. But do you know that there is a country which has no official language? Well, the question may get you curious but don't worry, we are here to answer it! Have you ever heard about the Australian language?

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how to find word count on google docs

In every field of life which involves technology and mobile phone, Google has made our life much easier by providing us its best services. Either it is Google Maps or Google docs Google is constantly making our life easier. It is time to switch your old MS Word to Google docs with some crazy new features. Making documents Is sometimes very boring.

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Yiddish Vs. Hebrew

People often confuse Yiddish and Hebrew as they are so similar languages. Both the languages are somehow identical and both are the Jewish language so people mix things up and assume that Yiddish and Hebrew are similar. The fact is it's not true as Yiddish vs. Hebrew is a complete topic  for discussion. If you think the same you’re wrong too!

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difficult cultures (2)

In the last recent years, traveling has become affordable and more convenient than ever before. Today, it's very easy to visit even the remote places of the world. And traveling around the world means exploring a lot of new things, trying different food, visiting famous places, encounter people with a lot of languages and cultural differences.

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english to mandarin

Which language do you speak? Do you know that there are ranking for languages as well? On which rank does your tongue lie? Well, these questions will determine how well people will understand you. It is no doubt that language is a vital part that establishes human connections. Through languages, we can share our feelings, thoughts, and ideas with others.

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brazil language

If you are an English speaker and planning to visit Brazil soon, then you must know it’s not a good idea to rely on your native tongue alone? And now you are wondering what language do people speak in Brazil, right? Well, you don’t have to be worried about it, language is something that people love to explore and learn.

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