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Can I translate my own birth certificate for immigration?

Can I translate my own birth certificate for immigration?
Can I translate my own birth certificate
(Last Updated On: October 2, 2021)

immigration purposes Hurray to the beginning of 2019. We’ll soon be opening our eyes to a new horizon with AIs responding to our voice commands. Automated and adaptive solutions that will never really leave us alone. With all the technological advancements that tech giants are planning to bid upon us, it is only fair for us to think that we are in control and we can do everything on our own. But is that entirely correct?

Are we really capable of taking care of things that need special care and expertise; this is Pandora’s box. Legal Documents translation service providers, for instance, are very complicated and require a special skill set and qualification. Automated software solutions can surely give you the benefit of putting a foreign language source document for translating it into your native language but they still don’t have the cognitive abilities that humans possess. Birth Certificate translation, how crucial is this approved translation?

translate my own birth certificate

Will USCIS accept it?

Lately, we have been asked a single question by a lot of people, “Can I Translate my own birth certificate for immigration purpose?”, so through this blog, we want to extend the courtesy of providing an educated answer to all such inquiries. Let us give you a clear picture of the immigration translations of a source document, what it is, and what it requires.

The first thing that you must know that USCIS requires all immigrants to submit a certified and approved translation of their birth certificate and all other required legal documents. Now you should know that only a qualified translator or a credible notarized translation company can provide an accurate approved translation and certification format for immigration documents. So if you are a qualified translator, then surely you can translate your birth certificate and supporting document for immigration purposes, otherwise, you can’t and you shouldn’t.

Apart from certification, every required certificate contains sensitive and confidential information, and that too, in a certain format on official letterhead and it must be kept in the translation as well. Only a professional, authorized official and immigration document translation specialist can understand all this and official rules for translation. When you are immigrating to the US, you just can’t risk your approval on some petty reason like this one. Instead, opting for a reliable source and legal advice is always the right answer and full explanation.

  • What should I bring to immigration interview?

    • Your passport, as well as your green card
    • All the original documents you used to enter the US
    • Bring the certified translation of your official documents like your birth certificate
    • Your original birth and marriage certificate
    • Your employment letter if you have started working at a new place
    • Your tax returns if a tax year has passed since you entered the US
  • What happen if I don’t go to an immigration interview?

    If you don’t go to your immigration interview, you will be given the chance to reschedule at least once. However, if you fail to show up a second time too then your immigration request will be denied. So, it is absolutely necessary for you to go to your immigration interview. It will leave a bad impression on the authorities if you miss the interview even once.

  • What can I expect from an immigration interview?

    You will be asked questions about your application and your background by a USCIS officer. It is important that you answer every question truthfully. If you are applying for immigration on the basis of marriage then you will be asked questions about your spouse to make sure the relationship is real.

  • How long does an immigration interview take?

    An immigration interview lasts about 20 to 25 minutes. If you answer all the questions truthfully and don’t hesitate, then the process will be over quickly. It is important that you don’t try to memorize answers and be as natural as you can during the interview. The questions will be pretty basic so there is no need to panic anyway.

Be sure that your translation will be accepted!

And last but not the least, you should go with a translation company that has a 100% translated document approval rate at USCIS. This extra scrutiny can save you from the trouble of going through the documentation again and again for the immigration process. It also allows you to save money, time, and effort of going back to your immigration lawyer and chosen translator.

Hope you are pretty clear at this point that you shouldn’t take all matters in your hand, most specifically your birth certificate translation for immigration. But we are not only erasing your doubts here, we also want to give you an affordable, reliable, and approachable solution to get a complete and accurate translation of your essential document.

At Universal Translation Services, We have been delivering certified professional translation services of required multilingual documents for almost 20 years now. During this time, we have catered to the certified translation services need of our clients either personal document translation or public document we cover all areas of life. Our immigration translation services are authentic, done by expert translators, and we offer certified original language translation services for all your documents. And in case, you need a notarized professional translation service, we can provide notarized translation as well. And we have a 100% approval rate at USCIS. So besides asking, “Can I translate my required documents for USCIS?”, come straight to us and get your certified birth certificate translation without any stress.

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