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happy winter holidays universal translation services

Happy winter holidays from Universal Translation Services!

Winter has finally arrived! I understand, it’s difficult to say goodbye to pumpkin flavoring lattes and brightly colored leaves for another year, but it’s time to say hello to freshly fallen snow and cups of steaming hot cocoa. Now it's the perfect time to plan for happy winter holidays!

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Oldest languages

Oldest Languages Of The World To Learn

For a high time, people used old sounds and postures as their means of communication. Structured languages were observed in inscriptions that were written nearly 10,000 years ago. Get to know now the lost and remaining oldest languages in the world.

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most important languages

What are the most important languages of the world to learn?

Universal Translation Services has put together a list of some of the most important languages to learn along with some reasons why it may be a good idea to learn each language.

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translation memory tools

The benefits of using translation memory tools

Translation memory tools are computer software apps which are designed to help human translators in their work. Universal Translation Services is using such tools as modern software applications designed to help translators whenever a client wants such tools to be used.

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document translation costs

How to Lower Document Translation Costs in 2018

These steps will make your experience of using translation agencies much more pleasant and you'll be able to spend less money for getting the same services. There are simple ways to make sure that the budget you have set aside for document translation costs is good enough, so come see us now!

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training for translators

Why is training for translators important?

During agile and lean workflows as well as decrease localization and translation resources, we want to know why we should train. Is training for translators justified and profitable? With the availability of latest technologies, localization professionals and translators can be equipped to be more efficient through training.

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proofreader role

What is the proofreader role in translation?

Wondering about the proofreader role in translation? When a job is being edited, proofreading is the last thing that is normally done. The job of the proofreader is to check through the document and find out if there are any errors with mark up or queries concerning accuracy, style, punctuation, spelling and grammar. It is possible to proofread blindly or check with the original document while proofreading.

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professional language translator

When should you start taking steps to change your professional language translator?

For translation services, it is possible to employ a professional language translator as part of your team. The individual will work in your organization and translate solely for your organization. The advantage of this is that the translator will become very knowledgeable about your organization and know […]

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small translation costs

I have a small translation, how much do i pay

How much will it cost me to do a small translation? We are asked this question quite a lot, so here is an overview on what usually translators ask in terms of payment.

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low cost translation

Why low cost translation could do more damage than good

Only opt for low cost translation from unreliable sources if the translation you need is not important. Universal Translation Services charges some of the lowest rates in the market, and the translation you are getting is still translation + editing + proofreading.

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