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Translation Startup

The Need for Translation and the Translation Industry:

Communication is very important for human beings. The world would not have been able to progress without translation. Translation allowed people to understand each other and creators from different corners of the world were able to work together all thanks to translation. By ending language barriers, humans were able to get closer and influence each other. Different cultures today have elements of other cultures and that is another influence of translation. But day-to-day communication is not the only time when people need translation. There are more than 6500 languages in the world and at one point of your life or another, you are going to need a translation. If you want to immigrate to another country or launch your business in a different continent, you can’t make those dreams a reality without translation.

The need of translation in every field of life from studies to legal systems and immigration to business gave rise to the translation industry. People interested in languages and the art of translation became translators. Some started their translation agencies to help those in need of translations. A lot of translators work independently while others work with a translation agency.

Why us?

Universal Translation Services (UTS) is a translation agency that provides high quality translations to its clients in Europe and USA. UTS has been working in the translation industry for eighteen years now and all of our work is a reflection of our vast experience in the field. UTS started its operations in the US almost a year ago. Launching your business in a new country is very scary but without the creative startups of today, we would have been deprived of some great things. Every great startup was once a risk and a brave man or woman at its center who decided to take that risk. We took courage from the inspiring stories of different successful startup ideas and decided to take this huge step of bringing UTS to the US.

What Does UTS Offer?

Universal Translation Services offers its clients the most accurate and reliable translations of all kinds of documents. Whether you need the translation of your birth certificate or your marriage certificate, legal translations or business translation, website localization or ad localization, we can handle all translation related tasks. The services we offer our clients in Europe and USA include:


24/7 Availability

Our representative are available online 24/7 to answer all kinds of questions. If anyone is in need of a particular translation but want to talk to us before placing the order, they can get in touch with us easily through our website. Our Live Chat is online 24/7 and anyone can reach out to us for all types of questions about our services and charges.


Fast Translations

UTS provides standard translations within 24 hours. Sometimes people in need of urgent translations don’t know where to turn. They end up paying triple the sum of the translation just so they can get it quickly. We at Universal Translation Services don’t like to exploit people and send them their translation in 24 hours so they don’t have to worry about anything.

Affordable Rates

Affordable Rates

Those who have never needed a translation before in their lives can easily be exploited by the translation industry. Freelance translators often demands rates of their own choice while translation agencies charge high rates to those who have no idea about the standard translation rates. UTS offers the most affordable translation rates in the US. For all the certified translations where the original document has more than 200 words, we only charge $0.10 per word. The same rate also applies to business translations. We also offer a calculator that can help you calculate the total cost of your translation.


Although we receive most of our works via electronic channels of communication and also send the translations the same way too, some people might need the translations delivered to their house. For those customers, we offer delivery services for an additional $10 and deliver their translations to their doorstep.

What Makes UTS Different from Its Competitors:

The translation industry is growing in size each year due to the high demand of translation across the world. Businesses keep crossing international boundaries to set up shop in different countries and translation help them succeed in the new territory. The world is not going to run out of the need of translation anytime soon, in fact ever so there is a lot of competition in the market when it comes to translation agencies.

Universal Translation Services was founded to help people other translation agencies couldn’t help. Here is how we are different from all other translation agencies in the US:

  • We care about the privacy of our clients. A feature that most translation agencies in the US lack is honoring the confidentiality of their clients. We assure our clients that their personal information will stay safe with us.
  • We have experienced translators of over 200 major languages. Most translation agencies in the US offer translation of only a few languages and that can be a problem for someone who is looking for a translation of a language that is not in the top ten list of world’s most spoken languages.
  • Our online services allow us to be available 24/7 so clients can contact us without having to worry about the time zone differences. The translation agencies that don’t offer 24/7 services leave their clients helpless when they are in need of an urgent translation.
  • A lot of businesses rely on exploiting their clients to earn profits. When someone needs an urgent translation, they get charged double or triple by most translation agencies but UTS offers urgent translations without any extra charges.
  • We are not limited to one type of translation. A lot of translation agencies can provide you certified translations but the same agencies won’t have business translators in their team. UTS wants you to get all kinds of translation under one roof which is why we have expert translators that can handle business translations, legal translations, certified translations, and notarized translations.
  • UTS is a member of American Translation Association as a company and a lot of its translators are also ATA members. This makes us different from other agencies because clients can trust our translations to be one hundred percent accurate.

How Did UTS Become Successful in the US?

Starting a startup is one thing but keeping it up and running requires a lot of effort. Most businesses expect too much from their clients and stop giving their best after a few months. Universal Translation Services started its business in the US one year ago and since then we have not lost sight of our goal once. We have continued to provide the best services to all our clients at the best possible rates and that’s how we have managed to become the number one translation agency in the US.

Everyone at UTS works hard to make sure our clients stay satisfied and happy. We want them to get the most accurate and reliable translations from the comfort of their homes. We aim to continue working towards a future where everyone has easy access to accurate translations.

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