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Is translation technology making human translators useless?

Is translation technology making human translators useless?
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(Last Updated On: October 5, 2021)

Today machine translation is common. Translation technology could replace human translators? That is one of the most asked questions in this translation industry. We are living on a planet where travel is so great and social networking bridges the gaps between international fellowships; language barriers are all the more infuriating. Several technology developers have recognized the potential vulnerabilities in social, business, and commercial areas with regards to language varieties and have raced to meet the needs of a host of consumers with translation language technologies in the translation industry by computer-aided translation tools.

Translation technology: better than human translators or worse?

For some, translation industry technology appears so advanced that it is almost fictional. For instance, computer-aided translation tools, neural machine translation, statistical machine translation, translation app, Google Translate, Microsoft’s Skype Translator offers automatic interpreter mode for conversational translations between people speaking in different languages.

Translation technology such as the Google translate app allows businesses to grow globally as well as help their clients to enjoy activities and programs with higher speed and security. Center for Public Affair reveals that several companies are expecting to choose and promote translation language technologies that will allow customers to instant message each other in their native language and have the contents translated directly into the recipient’s language. This may be the next professional translation service that you are looking for to seamlessly translate the human language via language technology and translation software.

benefits of technology

Benefits of real-time translation technology

Many companies realize the paradigm shift and benefits of real-time translation technology and speech recognition technologies like Google Ai which allows them to carry out meetings, sales platforms, customer support, and a host of other business advantages. As more companies employ the benefits of such tools, the desire for development will increase, and some of the world’s leading technology providers are supposed to get behind existing platforms or even create their systems. There are different types of automated translation such as artificial speech translation, voice translation, and speech recognition.

Advisory Board at several businesses prefers incorporating companies with top-notch translation capabilities that have expertise in different types of translation. Apart from the underlying technology company headquarters use translation devices and real-time machine translation.

The future of translation

There are a variety of industries that are advancing including public health, health services, public health practice and public health surveill. Just like that the future prospects of translation technology seem almost endless, with key trends developers rapidly working to connect people more quickly, more efficiently, and with lower costs. The gaps between foreign languages are becoming smaller and the accessibility to translation tools continually easier. Now you can easily hire a professional translator for speech translation, informed decisions and language service providers online and get the best results at the best prices.

Human or technology translations:?

According to the University of Washington, the global language industry is advancing. As we know that translation technology uses artificial intelligence and while it is developing day in day out, but it can never match human knowledge and human communication level. Artificial Translation technology is becoming more efficient, and the quality of the translations produced is becoming more understandable. However, the need for humans to be part of the technology translation equation is always there for translation accuracy. After a translation is mixed out by the technology, there have to be evaluation methods, editors, and proofreaders to secure the interpretation is correct, and it is also understandable.

The human translator will put in the final touches to the text localizing and improving it for the target audience. If the text has local references and you need it translated, the references can be changed to fit the new context. This is one ability the machines can never beat or be on par with.

Advancement in public health practice around the world is becoming very important to ensure better public health. Round table conferences occur every year to ensure quality health services and quality public health. Experts encourage incorporating artificial speech translation, discourse analysis, translation management, and human-centered design in public health practice. Translation studies in the public health sector are promoted. A study by Douglas Adams and Andrew Ochoa at the Centre for Translation, University of Washington emphasizes knowledge translation. Technology round table and open session take place each year for an in-depth study of knowledge translation and its role in communication. It is used to improve public health surveill, biomedical informatics, and medical education, public health, general health services, and public health practice.

human versus technology translations

Balance is key

Humans make mistakes, but machines are restricted. While none of the two is perfect, one has to be better than the other be it translation devices or humans. As regards the above statement, mistakes can be ratified; restrictions are hard to overcome. Besides technology perform only what’s been fed in them by humans whereas humans are boundless, for them the sky is the limit. Less than 1% of people are said to be satisfied with translation technology. Less than 1% is satisfied just because they had a few words to be translated. But there is nothing wrong to say that yes, translation technology is making human translators useless.

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