Various types of USCIS translations – infographic

Various types of USCIS translations – infographic
USCIS translations

You are looking into immigrating to the United States. You want to know the documents that you will need to gather and how many of them will we be able to translate for you. We have gathered all this information about USCIS translations in our fun little infographic and here it is for your review.

Types of USCIS translations

Universal Translation Services provides all the personal document translation for the United States Customs and Immigration Office that you can find. We are here to translate any document you may need for your immigration case.

Documents needed for your immigration case

When you are dealing with USCIS and your personal documents are in any other language but English, you will need to get certified translations for such documents, which you will need to submit to USCIS along with copies of your original documents.

We are here with a wide range of translation services for documents such as:

In short, there is no personal document we can’t translate for you. Have a look at our infographic for some of the types of USCIS translations that we do every day, download it as an image from here or as a pdf document.

types of USCIS translations

What does USCIS require when accepting foreign documents from applicants around the world?

Here is some basic information about translating foreign documents that are submitted to the USCIS office.

USCIS often requires that copies of vital statistics records and civil documents from foreign countries be submitted with most applications, including naturalization applications.

department of state reciprocity

Department of State Reciprocity

This is a department under USCIS that includes a list of documents that the applicant from every country around the world has to provide. You have to look up your own country because document requirements for every country are different and so every individual has to review their own case and bring the USCIS translations that they need.

The department of state reciprocity website has information about what vital statistics and civil documents are available from various nations as well as information about how to obtain a new document if needed. You should look into the requirements for your own country very carefully.

USCIS also has regulations about translations of civil documents. These regulations can be found on immigration help websites.

How much should we trust immigration agencies?

Beside using a well-know provider for USCIS translations, you will probably need an immigration agency or a lawyer. Only use immigration agencies that are properly verified and have a good ranking in the city and the system. This is an old advice, but do not give out large sums of money to individuals who are saying that they can give you a good immigration deal for the sum. Immigration is a long, arduous and legal process. The only way to have the best and safest experience is to do it the right way.

What if I am not eligible in the right way?

Then you should work on making yourself a stronger candidate. Strengthen your experience or work on a freelance basis with companies in the United States. Immigration should only be attempted legally and in the right manner. Otherwise, the experience of living there, even if you get there safely, will be an arduous and hazardous one. There is no point in doing it at all if you are not going to do it right.

immigration agencies
scams in immigration

Scams in Immigration

When we write about immigration agencies, it looks like we are against the trade. That is not even remotely true. Immigration agencies are a great way to get closer to successful immigration if they are valid and trustworthy. But there are also great ways to scam innocent individuals who will then find themselves in a horrific situation. So here we come out and tell you what you should avoid when you are getting USCIS translations.

Hundred Percent Guaranteed Immigration

Immigration is a process, and no one can guarantee entirely successful immigration.  Getting USCIS translations with guaranteed acceptance is one thing, why successful immigration is a total different story. That is why; you should understand that if someone promises you a one hundred percent guarantee, they are cheating you. They are going to put you in a plane with fake documents or vanish with your money. But they will have to do one of these things because they will have no other option.

Is your case weak?

Did you take an immigration exam and it turns out you are not eligible for immigration? Then do not let any immigration agent tell you otherwise. If you qualify for immigration, the system will say so. You will have an explicit encouragement from the immigration system of the country. There are no miracles when it comes to immigration, but there are plenty of scams!

The role of an Immigration Agency

Every country has made their immigration laws readily available for all to see. You do not even need to dig through; there are immigration help websites being run by every country. Read up on all the immigration rules and make sure that you adhere to all of them. You will have no problem finding information. You need to trust the information that is in front of you alone. That is the only valid information about your requirements and needs.

The only role that an immigration agency plays is to get your visa confirmed. They will ask you for documents for only that purpose. If an immigration agency is promising you more than usual favors, then they are not right. Make sure that you are working with a legitimate immigration agency by checking their credentials and make sure that they are authentic before you share your documents.


Read up on what can happen if you get scammed. The worse is to get stuck in a country without the right papers. It is a living hell when you are an illegal immigrant. This is not the 1990s; the idea of illegal immigration is nightmarish these days. You can also get scammed about your documents; now you will be blackmailed by the scammer.

We are painting a bleak picture but only for your benefit: if you are aware of such issues you’ll know what to do.

Universal Translation Services is one of the best providers of USCIS translations. We have over 26,000 customers all around the world who trust us for their translation needs. If you need certified translation services for USCIS, get in touch and ask for your free quote.

If we can help you with any questions, please feel free to contact us
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