Ukraine Rolls Out Localization Law

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Everybody makes fun of their siblings but they will not tolerate it if someone else did that. Because when they do it themselves, they are doing it out of love. We have the same kind of relationship with all the things and people we love. No matter what we say about them, we never do it out of hatred. When someone criticizes their country, they do so because they want it to be better. They don’t want their country to be in a bad state and that’s why they speak up against the wrongdoings of their government. But if someone else criticizes their country, they will be doing so without any concern. This is the difference that make people argue with others who make fun of their siblings or criticize their country.

Everyone loves their culture the same way. Sure, every culture has some outdated customs but that doesn’t mean all of it is bad or needs to be replaced. People can come together and work to bring the necessary changes in their society but they will never want to change their identity. They would not want their culture to be destroyed completely. These things are what define us in the world, our family, our culture, and the country we are born in. The most important aspect of culture is language, which is also something people love, regardless of how complicated it is to study.

Localization Law

There are many languages with only a couple of thousand speakers but even they are loved. They may not be understood by many people or have any importance on the international front but they are a part of the identity of their speakers which is why they have been kept alive by their admirers. Some countries prefer to stay up to date with the latest trends. They give foreign languages preference over their native tongues. They know the importance of English and Spanish and make one of them their official language. It is not that they do not recognize their local tongues at all but they use English for businesses.

But some countries take pride in their native language and make it compulsory in every walk of life. It is the tongue used in schools and the one in which business is conducted. They know that no one will keep their language alive if they won’t do it themselves. They understand that their culture can get wiped from history very easily if they don’t make efforts to protect it. Ukraine is the country that decided to take some steps this year to protect its linguistic history.

Localization Law in Ukraine:

In the past, Ukraine overturned a law required Ukrainian subtitling and dubbing for all movies. But this time, the country has decided to put in a new law that makes Ukrainian compulsory everywhere. The government won’t be the only one making room for the native language in its documents. Businesses made the shift too. Education and healthcare department also switched to Ukrainian.

Businesses had to make the most changed under the new law. It wasn’t just the legal documents that needed a language change, but everything related to a company that is operating in Ukraine was supposed to be updated. From websites to social media pages, everything was to be changed according to the new law. The law also requires that the goods sold in the country should have product information and user manuals in Ukrainian.

There are a few concessions offered under the law. Some businesses are awarded up to two and a half years to make the transition. Software developers are given the choice to either pick Ukrainian or any other EU official language.

The government set up a language commission to oversee the transition and punish those who were found in violation of the law. The business of dubbing is supposed to go up since all the media content also has to be translated in Ukrainian. Subtitling will also make a comeback. Language service providers can prove to be very useful for companies during this time as they are trained for such tasks and won’t mess up your documents or content while translating it. Although a huge number of the population can speak Ukrainian, doesn’t mean they can handle the transition themselves. There are all kinds of complicated documents and content in question here that can only be perfectly translated by trained professionals. A qualified translator is not that hard to find and, in any case, they are a lot better option than ruining your content yourself.

Russia has criticized the law saying it will hurt the Russian speakers living in Ukraine, but the latter seem unmoved by the criticism. According to a survey, 46% of the population speaks Ukrainian while a quarter of all people in Ukraine are bilingual. It seems that the minority that can’t speak Ukrainian will have to learn it now as the state has made its decision. There are no chances of the government taking back the law now, so one can say with certainty that the reign of Ukrainian in the country is bound to last.

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Ukraine has decided to value its language and give it the status in the country it deserves. They definitely don’t want their language to disappear in the wind and that’s why they are making sure it is everywhere within the borders of the country. This will also inspire other people to learn Ukrainian.

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