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Website translation to English is essential for companies that would like to develop their business overseas. Still, despite the fact that translating their website might bring them more clients, some companies consider a website in their language is all they need to attract world-wide customers. Nothing is farther from the truth.

Website Translation to English is an Efficient Way to Connect with People

IDC studies indicate that internet users are 4 times more inclined to buy a product from a website presented in their own language. Also, according to Forrester Research, users stay twice as long on a website available in their native language.

how to translate your website

How to translate your website

Providing your website in different languages is crucial knowing the fact that you will be dealing with people from all over the world. Of course, your aim is to acquire customers, but how can you make this possible if people cannot understand what you have to offer? This will set boundaries between your company and your potential customers so you have to look for a specialized translation that will make your website useful for a wider range of customers.

There are quite a few ways you could use to have your website translation to English.

  • There is the free option, where you could use Google Translate to do it. Still, despite latest developments, machine translation has yet to reach a level  where it could provide accurate translations. While great for personal use, Google Translate is far from ready to be used when it comes to business.
  • You can use crowd sourced translation but the above disadvantage remains as while there may be people willing to translate for free, you can never be sure of the quality of their work. On top of that, after translation is done, you will need localization, proofreading and someone to add the translation on the site which could be a problem.
  • Use a translation agency specialized in website translation to English. While this could turn expensive, this is the best route to take as a single translation or localization mistake could have devastating consequences for your business.

Is website translation the end of the line?

No. The translation of your website is only the first step of the process.

  • Your website needs localization. A translation company employs localization specialists that can adapt your content to the specific region and culture you are targeting.
  •  Your site needs SEO done for the foreign versions of your site. This means doing research for keywords you want to rank for and optimizing the pages for those specific keywords.
  • While some websites can sell online without much interference with the client (like eCommerce sites), the rest usually need more steps between informing or educating the visitor about the product and making the sale. Some sites need customer support in that specific language in order to answer any inquiries from potential clients, and website translation to English is simply not enough.
  • Documentation that comes with the product needs to be translated.
  • Your marketing campaigns must be translated and localized to the specific market.
is translation enough

Globalization or localization?

Globalization has caused many businesses to expand and spread their roots into the foreign world, but many businesses fail to perform in the country they spread out to. Have you ever wondered why the businesses that perform exceptionally well in their hometowns, fail to perform in the foreign countries even if they use the perfect strategies? Well, the answer to this is simple. Lack of emotional connection with the people of the foreign land is the major reason why businesses fail when they expand to foreign countries.

Simply going for website translation to English cannot help a business connect with all people. Along with translating the website, there is a need to localize your website as well as your product. If you are looking for a reliable localization service provider, Universal Translation Services if what you need. We not only provide quality website translation into English but we also provide the best website localization services as well.

As a conclusion, website translation to English is only the first part of the globalization process. It takes more than that to be able to get foreign customers and to be able to support them.

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