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(Last Updated On: October 27, 2023)

An iPhone is a great device that can change your life completely if you know how to use it for your benefit. If you use an iPhone only for Twitter and WhatsApp, that’s okay too because it is your phone and your life but if with the help of only a few apps you can turn your device into a life coach then why not do it? There are millions of apps out there for iPhone users. If you want to lose weight then your iPhone can not only remind you to workout but also suggest exercises and yoga poses, depending on your preferences. If you aren’t drinking enough water or consuming too many carbs then your iPhone can help you with that too. It will send you reminders at regular intervals so you can keep yourself hydrated. The domain of the issues an iPhone can help you with is pretty vast. But most people don’t realize the potential of their devices and let them go to waste.

Summer is coming up and many people are planning foreign trips. So much beauty resides in countries where English is not spoken or even known by the majority of the population. But just because you don’t know a country’s language doesn’t mean you should not visit it. In fact, that’s exactly where you should go to explore different cultures. And as far as the language issue is concerned, the iPhone that you are holding in your hand can be of great help. After the release of iOS 12, Siri has started translating languages too but currently it only works for a few languages. So, what happens if you go to a country where Siri’s powers are of no help to you? You download one of the following translator apps and get through your trip easily:

translator app
  1. Google Translate:

Google has been every internet user’s friend for a long time now and they keep helping us through different ways. All of us have used Google Translate on the web at least once in our lives. But the web version may not always be useful for phone users which is why Google launched an app for iPhone users. The Google Translate app is completely free and comes with amazing features. It not only translates words but also sentences and phrases. You can have a conversation with people with the help of Google Translate.

If you are in a hurry to know a translation then you can speak the words to the app instead of typing them and you will get the translation. The app supports more than a hundred languages and also allows users to download some languages for offline translation. So even when you don’t have access to the internet, you will be able to access the translation.

  1. iTranslate:

iTranslate is another top-rated translation app for both iPhones and iPads. It also comes with an Apple Watch extension. This app not only offers translations but also has dictionaries of different languages and allows users to favorite translations for later viewing. The app supports more than a hundred languages and has offline mode too where you can view translations without any hassle.

The basic version of the app is available for free but to get the most out of it you will need to get the paid version. With the pro version of iTranslate, you will get access to a lot of new features. If voice translation is something that you are after then you should consider the iTranslate Voice app that provides you real time translations in $39.99 a year.

translator app
  1. Microsoft Translator:

Another great translator app for iPhone users is Microsoft Translator that helps you have a conversation with people by providing you quick translations. It can also translate pictures and screenshots. The app also has an offline version where you can get the translations without the help of the internet. All you have to do is download languages and you will be good to go for traveling.

This free app also lets you look up alternate translations of phrases and words so you can find the best matches. It also has a split screen option for bilingual conversation between people and provides their translations in real time. The app has sixty language available both with and without the internet and provides pronunciation guides for foreign languages so you can learn how to say a specific word or phrase. It also has a browser extension that lets you translate web pages on Safari.

  1. Certified Translation Tool:

If you are looking for an app that can help you with certified translations then Universal Translation Services’ Certified Translation Tool is the one you should go for. The app connects you with experienced translators who can provide you with accurate translations within 24 hours. You can also calculate the cost of your translation in the app and place your order easily.

If you can get Certified Translation calculation beforehand then you can book a translation without having to worry about the rate. You can also get in touch with native translators to get the best possible translations for your documents.

These are just few of the amazing translator apps available on the App Store for iPhone users. You can explore more if you want but for all your basic translation needs, the apps mentioned above should be enough. They cover a lot of languages and can provide you with accurate translations in online and offline moods. Happy traveling with the best translator apps for iPhone.

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