Real-Time Translator Apps

Real-Time Translator Apps
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Efficient and clear communication between languages and cultures is the demand of our multilingual and multicultural world. Translation makes us able to connect and reach people on a more effective level than we have realized. There is a need to overcome language barriers with the evolution of the rapid online market. However, there are so many things from market material to website content to training documents and product manuals. This is why we need precise, effective and clear translations. Hence, real-time translator apps are playing a fairly important role in this regard. They are improving global communication and very much needed in our world today. These apps help in communication without spending months learning dozens of languages and without a human translator.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons what make these apps so popular. Moreover, we have gathered a list of outstanding translator apps to help you find the best for yourself.

real time translator apps
real time translato app

The reason behind the popularity of Real-Time Translator apps

Over the last few years, these apps have improved dramatically. There is a growth of artificial intelligence (AI) due to the rise in globalization. Hence, AI has also brought down the cost of translation. We have many AI-enabled real-time translation apps today that are evolving in recent times to deliver accurate translation services. Voice-inclusion software is the recent development in these apps, this feature enables you to decode phrases and words as you speak into audio or text format. This makes them better able to interpret sounds and texts. Several apps are providing voice translators along with other translation features. However, these apps have become more effective and accurate with the inclusion of neural machine translation algorithms. Moreover, they have helped the companies in the retail sector. They help increase the reach of the service industry to larger markets.

The world has become a small place because of easy-to-use and handy translation apps. Language is a challenging barrier to get around if you are traveling to a new country. Whether you are a business traveler, student, or going on a vacation trip, a good translation app on your mobile phone serves as useful travel guides. Hence, they will help you break down a language barrier with text, camera, and voice translations. Most of them are free of cost, they give you access to offline translations, and can even use them without internet access once you download them on your phone. Let’s have a look at the list below. 

Top 6 Real-Time translator apps

Here we are going to discuss the 10 best translator apps with different pronunciation, features, dictionary, speech input, speech recognition system, and offline facility. Hope this will help you choose the best for you.

iTranslate app

It is the most popular real-time translation app for Android and Apple. iTranslate translator supports over a hundred languages that it can translate. You can use it both as a handy dictionary and a translator app. It is very user-friendly and one of the best choices for you.

Important features:

  • ITranslate has an option to choose between different dialects.
  • It includes voice input and output and you can choose between the female and male translation voice modes.
  • There is a special version of the app on the apple watch.
  • It has a well-defined phrasebook.
  • You can get voice-to-voice conversations and keyboard extensions for instant messaging apps.

Hence, it’s not a magical translation app but it’s a bit simpler and faster than many others and it’s a step in the right direction. Some features of iTranslate are only available in the pro version, but overall it is a solid live translation app.

iTranslate Voice 3

It is of the professional level translator and the most popular translation app. iTranslate Voice is created as a separate app because some critics found that the voice input of iTranslate didn’t do well. iTranslate Voice 3 supports 42 languages. Hence, it enables magical voice-to-voice communication. It also allows engaging in conversations with each other by connecting devices of two voice users together.

Easy language translator 

This app is rated one of the best on the Google play store if you are an android user. It is very simple, straightforward, and accurate to use. If you are an android user it is the best suitable translator app for you. Hence, it includes both speech and text translations and converts from text to speech and speech to text. You can download it anytime from the Google play store.

Important features:

  • It supports more than 100 languages.
  • One of the instant translation apps.
  • Accurate and fast translator.
  • The best feature that you can save the translations as MP3 and also send or share them with others.
live translation app
itranslate translator


This is the best app for you if you are an international traveler. It serves and guides you as your interpreter. Hence, this app is very handy and you will get a voice translator to provide you translation in your desired language. However, it helps you avoid any confusion and miscommunication while abroad.

Important features:

  • It translates voices, images, and texts into 42 languages.
  • This app has around thirty thousand recorded audio files and two thousand phrases.
  • It understands formal and informal speech as well.
  • You also get an offline dictionary.
  • It also provides an intelligent tip calculator and a currency converter.
  • Business travelers can get the receipt translation feature.
  • Triplingo is available on both iOS and Android.

Google translate

It is one of the best-known apps on the market. Hence, you also use it on your PC as a web app. Google translate is completely free and offline support is also available. It can translate voice input as well as scan images. Moreover, the interesting thing about this app is that you can draw text and handwriting and get them translated as well. You can get an instant translation from your phone’s camera or a snapshot.

Important features:

  • Supports more than a hundred languages.
  • Two-way speech translation is available in 43 languages.
  • Use without internet connection and very simple to use.
  • Available on both iOS and Android. Download it now for free on Google Play and iTunes.


This app specializes in Asian languages. Hence, it is a dependable translation app. You can also have multi-language conversations using this app and it provides the privilege of both voice and text translations. Moreover, handwritten and photo translations are also available. Papago also provides a wonderful phrasebook and dictionary with a special section for kids.

Important features:

  • Get the translation by inserting the URL of the foreign website.
  • Get real-time translation of the text.
  • It provides the translation from the text on the photos.
  • Finds the meanings of handwritten words and translates them.
  • Available on iOS and Android.
  • Free to use and offline support available.


We have tried our best to cover the best apps out of the huge translator apps available on the market. However, with these apps, you can easily communicate with foreigners and understand what they are saying no matter what language it is. Now the choice is yours for downloading the right app. Feel free to share your opinion and choice with us or anything if you want to add here. We are always here to assist you regarding your translation matters.

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