What Is Translation Automation?

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Everyone has heard the phrase “united we stand, divided we fall,” but we see it often in real life, too. Even if we don’t fall when divided, we struggle alone. The world isn’t designed for humans to be on their own. If we are to survive through things and get to the end of our lives, we need to be a part of a community, help others, and accept help when it is offered to us. Many people want to live alone and don’t interact with others. But during times of emergency, they realize how easier it would be if they only had someone. This is why even if you are not very social, it is better to maintain a few connections in life. Humans are supposed to stay connected because, without any contact with the outside world, we will go crazy. Even if you don’t need anyone’s help picking up furniture, you will need them for your emotional well-being.

We get to see many benefits of unity in the workplace. If you are never ready to cover someone’s shift, they won’t protect you when you need a break. When someone joins a new office, they are told to reach out to one of their seniors for help if they are confused about something. But if they don’t, they will mess up things, and that would leave a wrong impression on their employer. This is only one of the ways things can go wrong if we try to be on our own in a world of over seven billion people.

But people aren’t the only ones that can make our lives easier. Since we started inventing things, we have created objects and devices to help us accomplish various tasks. These things helped us by saving our time, money, and effort. They increased overall productivity and improved things for the human race. Humans have always come up with ways to make things easier for them. They used horses for transportation because walking somewhere took too much time. But when they invented fast-driving cars and airplanes, they started using them to save time. Various examples can be found throughout the history of the human race, in which we used an invention to help us complete our tasks.

translation automation

Computers and Translation:

The computer is something we invented to help us carry out quick calculations, but over time, it underwent many changes and became much more helpful than humans could have imagined. There are only a few things a computer can’t do today. Students use it to help with their studies. Companies run their businesses on the computers. So, it is no wonder it is also used in the language services industry. One of the biggest industries today is the translation industry. It helps businesses reach out to customers worldwide and allows individuals to connect regardless of the languages they speak and understand.

Both computers and translation are significant things in our lives, so people wonder if they can work better together. This debate never gets old in translation and whether an electronic device can improve the process.

What is Translation Automation?

Even the biggest supporters of machine translation can claim that it is as good as the one done by a qualified human. Machines may be handy for us, but there is a limit to what they can do. That doesn’t mean they can’t help at all. When you are stuck on an assignment and ask your friend for help, you don’t expect them to finish it but only assist you a little. This is how we can bring together machines and translation.

translation automation

Translation automation is a process in which machines are used to assist translators. Devices help translators relax by sharing their burden. There are various ways in which translation automation works. There are plenty of software that store translation memories, which can help translators finish their work faster. There are online dictionaries designed especially for those in the language industry. Quality assurance checks can be run with the help of machines. They will help interpreters maintain the quality of their work no matter how many projects they work on in a month. Automation can help with proofreading and revision once a task is completed. It also aids companies in keeping track of the payments they have to receive.

Translation automation proves that humans never have to work independently when help is easily available. It allows translators to save time, which they can spend on other projects and earn double the money simultaneously. It also improves consistency in work and the overall quality of the translation. Once a translator gets the memory feature and the right glossaries, they don’t have to turn anywhere else.

There will never come a time when technology can take over humans in the creative fields, but we don’t have to make a competition out of it when we can cooperate with our devices and change things for ourselves. With the help of computers, translators will get immense help and be able to finish their tasks much quicker than they can imagine. This is why a lot of companies are in favor of translation automation these days.

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