Translation industry trends 2019

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Translation Industry Trends

Over the past few years, the translation industry trend has grown exponentially. Through globalization and the growing immigration demand, the translation business has never seen demand like this in the past.

The internet is one of the best driving factors that helped skyrocket the demand for the industry. Experts and market analysts predict the industry will be worth about $56 billion in 2021. This will continue to grow within the foreseeable future. As the industry continues to encompass a more significant and broader market, its time will only tell how big this industry will become.

Since the start of the boom, market analysts have tried to predict the market trend within the next few years. This particular market segment has always been an exciting niche since it poses an excellent prospect for the future. For many market analysts, these are the following industry trends within the next ten years.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the most significant topic in the tech community today. It encompasses big data and market prediction, among others. With these aspects of the tech market securely in place, it will only be a matter of time until artificial intelligence reaches the industry.

The artificial intelligence industry is projected to be valued at around $2 trillion before the end of 2019. With advances in computing power, it will only be a matter of months until this particular niche of technology reaches the realm of the industry.

industry trends
industry trends

Video Localization

Watching videos in our most preferred seats is much better if we understand the character’s project, although English is the most common language globally. Mostly prefer watching online videos in their language. Video localization is among the top trends in the industry for 2019. Translations in videos play a vital part in the success of businesses that plan to expand globally.

 This category translation sends an important message to customers about new products, updates, or general information. It also conveys a pitch to new clients before a face-to-face meeting or as a follow-up message. Making a training video for employees in another region is also important.

Machine Translation In Post-Editing

Artificial intelligence will indeed develop further. The industry will continue as a challenge despite strength in research and development of machine translation. Neural machine translation (NMT), an AI that uses neural network-based technology to accomplish more contextually accurate services, is beneficial in many ways. NMT included several advantages, including efficient services for complex languages, using algorithms to learn language conventions, and learning language nuances. The application is more accurate with the aid of human post-editing; translations will be precise and culturally precise. Language service providers that offer top-notch machine translation with human post-editing will be in high demand in 2019 because of NMT.

In a recent poll, nearly half of the participants stated a tremendous increase in customers requesting human post-editing.


More companies are expected to expand their products and services in global markets.

Computer-assisted translation with globalization being driven by digital technology in 2019. ExporTechn has highlighted the program in Detroit and Michigan. ExporTech was made to expand the city’s growth potential into foreign markets like China, South Korea, India, and countries in the Middle East.

Possibly, localization might open operations with emerging markets, including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and Georgia. Emerging markets generate a growth rate of 4-5% per annum; they should be an important part of your company’s globalization strategy.

Cost-Effective Translation

It has become essential for companies to offer quick and cost-effective translation and localization services in varied industries with more companies embarking on globalization journey. The translation is now accessible because platforms provide this kind of service.

Computer-assisted services have provided us with all our business needs. It keeps track of repeated phrases and sentences and their corresponding benefits. The platform allows emerging language converters to know the exact term used to translate a word; by automating many processes that are usually manual, CAT tools save money and time, making them cost-effective and efficient.

It also allows cloud collaboration that ensures that individual tasks during the entire process move much faster than they would through email. CAT can make translation projects move to the next stage efficiently.


The entire premise of this article is quite simple: as globalization grows, so does the translation industry. Predicting what the industry will look like in the next few years is hard. However, based on the data at hand, it would appear that the industry is on its way to exponential growth.

As people become more connected daily, the demand for high-quality and fast translation grows. Companies continue to expand, and industries continue to grow. No one knows what the future holds, but the agency appears to be well within the grasp of growth.

As industries continue to grow, they will always find a facet to which it can attach. While these strategies take time, they will make sense once they have established roots.

This is just a minimum list of industry trends that benefit the business. This will continue to grow throughout the years as more and more companies and industries will find their benefits.

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