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When Do You Need to Have An Original Certified Translation by Mail?

When Do You Need to Have An Original Certified Translation by Mail?
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(Last Updated On: October 30, 2023)

We went through a lot of things to get where we are today. If someone from today were told about the earliest inventions, they would call them useless. The kids who grew up with tablets in their hands cannot understand the importance of a telegram. They would throw away a fax machine out of the window for being outdated. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the inventions of the past are outdated. Today, none of us need to send telegrams or require wheel in its basic form but that doesn’t mean that all those inventions were useless. They paved the way for future inventions and we owe all of our current successes to the earlier inventors.

Some of those inventions are useful even today. Printing press was invented in the fifteenth century but no one can call it useless even today. Without it, we wouldn’t have newspapers and books. Despite everything going digital, some old-fashioned things will never lose their importance. A lot of stories are available as ebooks today and news gets released on the internet hours before it gets published in a newspaper. But no one has stopped reading physical books. People buy newspapers even today.

Another useful invention that will never become insignificant is the mail. Before we had the postal system, we used horses to send messages from one part of the world to another. Not only it wasted a lot of time, but also required a lot of resources to maintain multiple horses in multiple locations. By the time a message reached its receiver, the news had lost its importance. Once humans decided to make a better system for sending messages across the world, things began to change for the better. What started as a system of sending letters from one person to another evolved into something much bigger. Today, postal system can be used to send almost anything anywhere in the world. And the recipient won’t have to wait for months to get their parcel. Cargo shipments allow businesses to send their products to far off areas and make sure no one in the world remain deprived of modern products.

Email is also a form of the earlier mail system. It became the digital way of sending messages. But like the postal system, it also kept evolving. Today, we can send files and images via email. Emails also allow us to send messages to multiple people at once. It is the fastest way to send mail today and is used by businesses around the world to send important messages to their employees and business partners.

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Original Certified Translation:

There are many ideas that humans came up with which do not serve us in the form of gadgets but they do help us a lot nonetheless. Translation is one such industry that has become the backbone of human social life. Without it, none of the people from different countries that communicate freely today would have been able to engage due to the language barrier.

But there are different types of translation and knowing which type you require from the service provider is very important. However, if you don’t know the type, that’s okay too. Translation agencies have plenty of experience with all types of documents and they can guide you about your files. Most of the time when people require a translation for business or for an official purpose, they will need a certified translation. It is the most authentic and accurate type of translation and therefore the only one accepted by government offices. When dealing with sensitive documents, companies rely on certified translations to carry the message across without any errors. A standard translation can have mistakes which will cause confusion. If you present a translation full of error to a visa office, your application will definitely get rejected.

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The higher the authority you have to show the translation to, the more accurate your document need to be. But there are not only different types of translation but also of the method of receiving the translation from the language services provider. If you need the file urgently and can do without the actual physical copy, you can get it in email and print it out on your end. But if you need the translation in physical form then you can request the agency to send you the file in the mail. You will be charged extra for the postal service.

When Do You Need to Have an Original Certified Translation by Mail?

Some people may wonder when they will need an original certified translation by mail and when can they get it in their inbox. The answer is often answered by the requirements of the office where you have to submit the translation. If they want the original certified translation with your other files then you will need to get it by mail. Because if you print out the document at your end, it won’t be considered the original file but a photo copy of it. When you are applying for US immigration, it is better to present the original certified translation.

When you request a translation from an agency, you can tell them that you will be requiring the final document in the mail. That way, they will be able to prepare your document accordingly and send it to you when it is ready. They will also be able to tell you the complete charges beforehand.

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