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Word Counter Tool

Do you remember your first calculator? the power of solving number problems without doing any mental work was surely something magical. Mathematics suddenly started seeming a little less complicated. And as you grew older, you begin realizing that everything was countable and should be counted in life. From rationing the groceries to utility bills to bank accounts, numbers are still an important part of our lives. But sometimes, you come across things that are not as easier to count as solving math problems.

An important aspect of localization, website translation and document translation, is the word count. Most companies offer a per word rate, but for that you’d have to enter the exact count of your document or website. Now a website with around 10 pages must have words in thousands but to calculate the charges, you can’t work with guesses and assumptions. Thanks to the free counting tools, counting is absolutely free and of course, easy. Thousands of word counters are used all across the globe. It’s utility isn’t merely for translators. Students who have to complete their assignments and have to abide by a certain word count limit, use these tools all the time. Syllabus writers, curriculum designers and book authors also use these tools and software for counting the number of words in a certain document.

Why Word Count Is So Important?

In other professions, people are usually paid by the number of hours they spend on their job. But translators and writers are paid by the number of words they write or translate. It is a fair way of paying them. Per word rates are the most suitable ones for the translators.
Charges based on the text and its complexity are often considered unjust. It is because some translators have specialized knowledge of a certain field and translating documents of that relevant field is only a child’s play for them. On the contrary, translators who have no notion of a particular area find it utterly difficult to translate the terms of an unknown territory.

Therefore, such rates are fair and right for all. Not only for those who are getting paid but also for those who are paying them.


How To Use A Word Counter?

Since a word calculator is created for the ease and convenience of the users, it is quite simple to use. First, you have to copy the whole text of the document or webpage, you can then paste the text into the word counter tool. After that, you’ll just have to click the count button and the results will be displayed immediately.

Most tools have a limit. Some others have specific limits for specific documents and vice versa. It is important that you keep that limit in mind while pasting the text of your document.

How Beneficial Is It?

Well, there are many advantages associated with the tool.


Well, it’s absolutely free. You don’t need to sign up or register for using this free tool. Anyone who’s in search of a calculator can enter the text and get the number of words in the document. Moreover, the best translation agencies allow users to use this tool without paying any subscription or fees. It’s just there, saving money to both the translation company and the customer.

Time Saving

Calculating words with this tool is literally only a matter of seconds. Documents that are meticulous, calculating them is humanly impossible. And even if someone tries to do that with some formula, there will always be a chance of miscalculation. Moreover, no one has the time to spare for such a long task. So using this tool can save your precious time.



Designed by expert software engineers, this calculator is made to provide accurate results. There is absolutely no chance of error. Every calculation is done by an automated software, ensuring the right number every time.

Allows User To Calculate The Price

Once you have the numbers of the words that you need translated, you don’t have to ask for a quote, neither do you have to wait for a correspondent to answer your questions on phone. All you have to do is multiply the per word rate with the total number of words to be translated, and there you have it.

Since number game is always on, you should be prepared to deal with it in the most efficient, cost effective way. The word counter tool is the best way to do that. The best translation agencies have free tools that can help them with calculating the total number of words for their documents, certificates, academic papers, websites, books and even the lyrics of your favorite poem of the medieval era. We advise you to use it whenever you have a translation project at hand. You can even use it to your advantage. If you feel that a company’s rates are too high, you can switch the website. Comparison becomes easy with this tool and what’s better than a pocket friendly tool.

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