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25 Nice Portuguese Phrases

25 Nice Portuguese Phrases
portuguese conversation

Portuguese Phrases

Entering a new linguistic territory without knowing their way with words is utterly disastrous. Do you think you are geared up well enough to converse with a Portuguese speaker? Do you know any Portuguese phrases?

What if it becomes essential for you to travel to a Portuguese-speaking country?

Well, then you’ll surely look for ways to learn at least the basic Portuguese expressions. Because if you are going to be on some official business, getting lost in translation is the last thing you would want to do. So, what is the mantra to get your way around? We are here with the top and most essential phrases that you’ll be needing while your stay. But before loading up on that Portuguese vocabulary, we would like to tell you some important bits about the Portuguese language.

European Portuguese Vs Brazilian Portuguese

This is important. Learning a new language is a commitment, one that requires more patience and effort than you can possibly imagine. And if it’s Portuguese you are planning to learn, then you must know that it’s the official language of almost ten countries.

And with every country, there’s a dialect distinction. The difference in pronunciation and of course, the difference in the accent, all ultimately have an impact. Moreover, European Portuguese is considered more mumbled and rougher in comparison with the Brazilian version of the same lingo. Read about our blog How close is Spanish to Portuguese.

basic portuguese words
basis portuguese

The good news is, they can all understand each other. Whether your visit is going to be to Brazil or Portugal, with our help, you’d be a safe person. So, the real deal is learning with conviction. We’ll give you a good account of the sentences that you can use in basic situations. We can guarantee you that we’ll help you perfect your key vocabulary terms. Your hellos and goodbyes will be met with a hale and hearty response from your Portuguese-speaking friends.

25 Nice Portuguese Phrase

As much as you would like to become a proficient Portuguese Speaker overnight, this is not going to happen. So, instead, we got realistic and found the essential expressions that you’ll be needing during your stay. And for what it’s worth, they are easy to learn. You can also use Google or a Portuguese learning app to learn the correct pronunciation of these basic Portuguese phrases.

Before moving on to the actual phrases, let us give you a few tips for your learning journey.

Learning a couple of phrases may not seem hard but the real key to ensuring that you are using them right is by placing them in the right context. Without practicing these terms, words, and phrases, in the right context, you won’t be able to learn their meaning and use them in the right way. Bottomline context is important.

Watch Portuguese movies, videos, music, travel documentaries, news, and articles and stay in touch with the latest happenings in the country. You may not have months to catch up with all the things going on out there but a week or two will definitely suffice.

To talk like Portuguese people, talk out loud. Listen to how you sound. This trick will not only help you in learning a phrase by heart but will also enable you to speak like native speakers.

Okay so now that we have given you the tips, time to move on to the survival phrases that we promised.

Top 10 Greeting Phrase

So, the very first one is

  1. Bom Dia/ Bom Tarde/ Bao Noite and they mean Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night respectively.
  2. Ola means hello
  3. Oi means Hi

Our fourth one is more for your telephonic talk. Whether you want to call your tour guide or the hotel manager, they will come in handy.

  1. Alo/Esta La

both these means hello but when you are on phone. Here we have given you both versions, so if you are in Brazil, you’ll use the first one, and if you are in Portugal, you’ll use the second one.

  1. Tchau means bye or goodbye
  2. Ate Logo means see you later.
  3. Ate Amanha means see you tomorrow so when you are confident that you are going to see them tomorrow, you can use this one.
  4. Adeus, used formally for saying Goodbye
  5. Tudo Bem? means, how are you? to which you can answer with Eu Estou bem, e voc/ e tu? I am good, how are you?
  6. Como vai? this one means How’s it going.

Again, you must remember that e voc? is used as, ” and you?” in Brazil whereas e tu? is used as “and you?” in Portugal. So, use them accordingly.

common portuguese phrases
portuguese sentences

Show Them Your Manners with These 7 Phrases:

Good manners can help you build that impressive image of yours in front of the Portuguese. Moreover, they prevent you from sounding culturally inappropriate no matter which city or country you are traveling to. So, whether it’s Brazil or Portugal, these phrases will save you from embarrassment.

  1. Por Favor, well if you have an avid watcher of Spanish movies or you enjoyed that famous show, “Mind Your Language”, then you definitely know this one.

Formally meaning “excuse me” is a common expression used in Brazil to politely grab someone’s attention. Por Favor can also be used in the same way British use Beg your pardon during conversations.

  1. Obrigado/Obrigada

This means thank you. However, an interesting thing you must keep in mind is that the words are different for masculine and feminine. Obrigado is used by men and boys whereas Obrigada is used by girls and women.

  1. De Nada, seems like it means no problem but it means you’re welcome which is basically the same but yeah say it when someone says Obrigado or Obrigada.
  2. Desculpa/Desculpe

Both of these terms are used for “I am sorry”. However, Desculpe is a more formal way of saying I am sorry.

  1. Perdao

This means forgive me or pardon me.

  1. Prazer

It means “Nice To Meet You”.

  1. O Senhor/ A Senhora

This is used when you want to formally address a man (o Senhor), and a woman (a Senhora).

Travel Questions and Queries:

So, we know you are traveling and most likely you’ll be staying at a resort or a guest house.

And we don’t want you to keep wondering about how you can find a loo. Hence, we are starting with the very obvious one

  1. Onde e o banheiro? It means where is the bathroom in Brazilian Portuguese.
  2. Onde fica a casa de banho? This one means where is the bathroom in European Portuguese?
  3. Quanto Custa? So, you are out shopping and really liked a watch but don’t know how to ask the price. Well, this one above is just the right one because it means “how much does this cost?”
  4. Que Horas Sao, if you want to ask what time is it? then this is how you say it.
  5. Que Horas Abre/Fecha?

If you really like a pizza place or a pub and don’t know which time, they open or close, this is how you can ask them

By saying Que Horas Abre, you can ask what time does this place opens, and with Que Horas fecha, you can ask what time do you guys close?

And now the most essential ones, the 24th, and 25th on our list.

  1. Qual e o sue nome? “What is your name?”
  2. Me Chamo, “My Name is”

So, this is it guys, we think we have listed the basic sentences for you to get passed during your visit. However, if you have a love for languages, and want to learn more, use a Portuguese learning app for Portuguese phrases.

portuguese sentences

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