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aramaic translation services
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Aramaic English Translation Services

Are you bilingual? Can you speak multiple languages? Approximately how many languages can you speak and know of? You must know about the general ones like English, Spanish, French, etc. But there are languages that only a few people know about. If you don’t know much about the wording of the Middle East, there are chances that you’re hearing about the Aramaic language for the first time. Well, if that’s the case, you have much to learn!

Since it is an ancient language, a lot of text in this tongue covers up secrets. One may get curious and demand English translation services of this terminology to uncover the truth about specific topics. There are many ways a translation agency or Aramaic translators can help you access the translation services of this vocabulary. If you’re interested in religious studies, you might be particularly interested in some Aramaic translations of English words. Although the language is so old, translation items still exist, mainly because many people study the language of the Bible.

If you’re seeking Aramaic translation services, you’re just at the right place to learn about them. So, let’s start exploring this ancient tongue and its old text that needs translation!

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What is an Aramaic language?

Many people have not heard about this language, so that this part will introduce the language briefly. But if you have any such knowledge about this tongue, you may think that it is the official language of Ethiopia, which is entirely incorrect. The name of this language is ‘Amharic’. It is deeply connected to the Jewish people. It dates back to around 3000 years.

Throughout history, this terminology has served some essential purposes; it was used as the everyday language in Israel in the Second Temple Period, which lasted from 539BC to 70AD; some biblical books were written in this tongue, and it was the language Jesus spoke, and lastly, it was the primary language of Talmud. These are some pretty accomplishments of the Aramaic language.

Further, it has been the language of administration of empires and the language of divine worship. It is not a dead language because many people still speak it. But it is called an endangered language because of its decreasing importance. There are around 445,000 Aramaic speakers. But most of its native speakers have migrated here and there. It is a part of Northwest Semitic language group which also includes the Canaanite languages (such as Hebrew).

Aramaic Translation Services 

Are you looking for professional Aramaic Translation Services for your biblical text? This case is primarily possible for religious leaders among Jewish people because many books written in ancient times were in the Aramaic language. Whether your project or work is large or small, multiple translation agencies can provide high-quality services even in this ancient language.

You have to figure out the translator who will work for you and give him details about the original and target languages. Make sure whoever you choose speaks Aramaic as his native language. These services are ubiquitous as critical editions of the Alexandrian text-type also have modern translations. Read this guide before hiring any translator to know How fast can a professional translator translate?

You’ll find multiple options that gladly offer Aramaic language translation. You may choose machine translation if you can’t afford to pay the translation charges. But it won’t be as good as human translation because computer systems and free translation tools often provide word-to-word translation, and while doing that, they often disturb the sense of the sentence.

Suppose you want to understand a particular quote or a religious prayer. In that case, you should ensure that you are getting professional translation services because a single mistake will completely change the original meaning of the sentence. In the late 13th century, the Bible was translated into Old French, but no complete book translation of the Aramaic text was available.

Aramaic Translation Process

The exact translation process to get your text of Western Versions in a target language can vary according to the translator or translation agency you hire. Some general steps of Aramaic translation process include:

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Choose a translator

As mentioned above, translation companies are responsible for providing language translation services. You can find them simply by searching online. Further, there are many freelancing websites where professional translators offer their services. But what you should focus on is to look at the profile and background.

You should confirm that your chosen translator is a native speaker of your target language. Since you need to get an English translation of the Aramaic language, hiring a translator who is an expert in both languages is better. You can also choose a translator by looking at the ratings and feedback of other clients.

Get your Documents Ready

Now, when you’ve selected a specific translation agency, your second job is to get your documents ready. Whether it’s biblical text or any other document, please take a copy of the material and send it to your translator via email or an online website. Usually, translation companies handle all types of documents, including marriage certificates, birth certificates, legal documents, and all sorts of personal and official documents.

You can compile your material in a document if your work has different strands. Most translation agencies can handle the simplest document types to the most complex ones. Commonly, you can send work in the form of PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, InDesign files, HTML etc.

Instruct your Translator

When everything is ready, email and write down the details you require for translation services. These may include document format, your target language, and any other additional thing you may need. It is essential to deliver these details way before beginning the translation process as things should be carried out as per your requirements.

Deadline and Charges

Next, you should discuss the translation charges with your translation. If you want high-quality translation services, you should also be ready to pay fair costs. Usually, translation companies charge around $15 per page, but this rate can vary based on your choice of translator. The deadline is the most important thing.

You should work with a company that can stay by their words of commitment. Usually, the deadline and time required for a translation depends upon the length and word count of the document. You should provide enough time to your translator if you’re aiming to get an accurate translation.

Submission and Proofreading

Now, it is the responsibility of your translator to submit the work within the deadline. You should act professionally and not repeatedly email to remind the translator about the submission deadline because it may irritate him. At last, when you’ve finally received your translated document, your previous job is to review the work and ensure there are no mistakes. You can ask your translator to revise and proofread the document if something needs correction. But make sure that the translation agency does not charge extra for the proofreading because it will be expensive.

Aramaic Language Facts

Some interesting facts about the Aramaic language include:

  • It is an ancient dialect with a diverse history.
  • Many people call it an ‘endangered language.’
  • History calls it a language of empires and spirituality.
  • Ethnology lists 19 varieties of Neo-Aramaic dialects spoken today.
  • It is said in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Georgia, Lebanon, Russia, Syria and Turkey.
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