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How to ask for a translation quote per word from a translation agency in USA

How to ask for a translation quote per word from a translation agency in USA
translation quote per word
(Last Updated On: October 2, 2021)

Asking for a translation quote per word is an exciting event for any business — shopping around and comparing prices allows you to scope out the competition, and ultimately land on the agency that will catapult your business into a global market. Save time and money working with a translation agency in the USA! It’s never been easier to ask for a translation quote. Follow these simple steps to get started.

Pricing Model and Structures that affect the Quotes

Are you looking for translation services and don’t know which agency to ask a quote from? Are you unaware of the practices usually common in pricing methods of translation agencies? That is not a thing to worry about because we will guide you so that you can be confident in your ways of approaching an agency for a quote. Get rid of your hesitance by equipping yourself with the pricing tactics of translation industry.

Price per Word

This is the most commonly utilized mode of pricing in the translation industry. It is a fair pricing technique because as opposed to per hour, per word pricing will remain fixed no matter the amount of time it takes to translate a document. It is also the most convenient way for clients as it usually costs less.

Price per Page

This method involves the prices per page no matter the number of words on a page. Even if there are 500 words or 50 words on a single page, you will be charged the same.

Price per Hour

It is not a usual mode of pricing. It is most often used for revision of already translated content. Only then does it favor the clients. So it is advised to use price per hour services only for updating and revision rather than translating the document all along for which price per word is most suitable.

How to ask for a translation quote per word

get a translation quote

Translation budget

Before selecting a translation agency in the USA to work with, know what your budget is going to be. It will help your business in the long run to know what kinds of communications you will be sending for translations. Will these be one-off messages to be used over and over again? Will you require bulk communications? Will your business require multiple messages to be translated throughout the year? Set a budget and shop around for the right translation agency.

Prepare your content for translation

Make sure your content is 100% accurate. To help cut costs, avoid mistakes in your document, jargon, redundant statements, slang, and abbreviations. Always proofread before submitting for translations. Once you are confident in your document, ask for a translation quote. If the translation quote doesn’t match what you had in mind, you can ask your translation agency to work with you to create different content.

  • What are the 4 types of pricing strategies?

    1. Premium Pricing: High prices are chosen under this strategy as a defining criterion.
    2. Penetration Pricing: Prices are set artificially low so a company can quickly gain market share.
    3. Economy Pricing: Marketing costs are reduced to keep the prices low.
    4. Skimming Strategy: Prices are kept higher under this strategy until the competition allows a company to reduce its rates.
  • What is an example of the tiered pricing method?

    The perfect example of the tiered pricing method is when there is an offer available on toilet paper, but customers have to buy 10 rolls to get discount. Under tiered pricing, price per unit remains within a range. If people buy one roll of toilet paper, they will have to pay more. But the price of the individual roll will reduce if the total amount is 10 or more.

  • What are the five pricing strategies?

    1. Cost-Plus Pricing: In this method, the costs are calculated and then markup is added to determine the price.
    2. Competitive Pricing: The price is decided based on what competitors charge.
    3. Value-Bases Pricing: The charges are decided based on what the customers think a product’s worth is.
    4. Price Skimming: Starting with a high price and then lowering it with the evolution of the market under this strategy.
    5. Penetration Pricing: The rate is kept lower to enter a competitive market.
  • What are the three pricing methods?

    1. Penetrate: A low value is kept to enter an otherwise competitive market to win over customers.
    2. Skim: The price is kept fairly high in the beginning to get the profit you need to invest in future products.
    3. Follow: The price is established by following the competitors and then changing market conditions are tracked.
  • How much should you charge for a 500 word article?

    The average industry rate for a 500 word article is $50. However, the rate can vary based on various factors. You can determine the rate based on your experience, the difficult level, and the research required to complete the article. The rates will also change depending on your location. The average rate in US won’t be applicable in India.

  • How much should I charge for a 2000 word article?

    The standard rate in the US for a 2000 word article is between $150 to $200. You can choose to charge your clients $200 if you are highly experienced. The rates are also higher when the writer has to do a lot of research in order to write the article. If you are outside of US, the rates will be different and you will have to check the local market standards.

  • How much does a 1000 word article cost?

    If you hire an intermediate blogger then you will get a 1000 word article in $80. But if you hire a more experienced blogger then the rate will be higher. However, you won’t have to pay more than $110 for a 1000 word article, even if you want the writer to do research before writing the content that you need.

  • How much does a 500 word article cost in India?

    Majority of the content writers in India charge somewhere between 250 to 500 for a 500 word article. But if the writer you have hired is highly experienced, you will be charged more. If the content is difficult or research is required for it, then a writer will charge you one rupee per word or more.

Are you interested in translation memory services?

Many translation agencies in the USA utilize translation technologies that ultimately save them time, and your business money. Translation memory services allow common phrases you have already translated be stored in a database, and be easily retrieved for later communication messages. Talk to your agency about translation memory services.

Phone or online quotes

Whichever method you prefer, we have 24/7 Customer Representatives on line or at our offices that are awaiting your translation quote per word request.

how to get a quote

There is no best way to ask for a translation quote from a translation agency in the USA. All you need is to be confident in the voice of your company, the messages you want to convey to your target market, and allow your chosen translation agency to do the rest.

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