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birth certificate translation for immigration
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Are you seeking a birth certificate translation for immigration that the system will clear? Let us go through the details in our infographic.

Birth certificate translation for immigration

People need birth certificate translation services for many reasons, such as employment, legal processes, university applications, visa applications, immigration documents, etc. The document contains vital information and is used as a means of identity for an individual in most countries. To be valid, this document requires a certified translation if it’s written in any other language than English.

We are here for you!

Universal Translation Services is here to get you the best birth certificate translation for immigration. We are some of the best because;

  • We translate any language
  • We keep the original format
  • We follow the USCIS regulations
  • You have it done in 24 hours
  • We sport some of the lowest rates in the market

As a client, you want an accurate translation at a low price, delivered fast and guaranteed to be accepted, right? See how to get all the above in our infographic (download the image from here, or if you prefer a PDF document, see it here in PDF format).

birth certificate translation for USCIS

What is a Certified Translation?

A certified translation is a document signed by a representative of a translation agency or a translator. It is a document that ensures that the organization provides proof assuring accurate, truthful and complete translation of the translated paper. It is called a certificate of accuracy.

some tips

Some Tips

Here are a few tips that Universal Translation Services will share regarding how to translate your birth certificate to English:

  • The translation must use seals, stamps, signatures, and dashes
  • It also must be complete and direct.
  • There should be a similarity in the visual appearance of the translation and the original document.
  • Properly assess if the birth certificate translation services provided are accurate.
  • Always ensure you get the certificate of accuracy made according to USCIS requirements.

The importance of choosing the right agency

It is a great responsibility for a translation agency to translate your personal or business documents.

When you apply for immigration, you must always choose an agency that is highly accepted at USCIS and other such authorities.

Our expertise in the area enables us to save you from any inconvenience in the long run. If you get your translation from us, it will consist of the translation of your certificate, which will look exactly like the original and a certificate of accuracy, which states that we are entitled to translate, signed and stamped by us.

the right agency
  • Can I translate my own immigration documents?

    You should not translate your immigration documents if you don’t want your application to get rejected. The immigration authorities only accept certified translations completed by qualified and experienced professionals, so you should only hire linguistic experts.

  • How do I translate a foreign birth certificate?

    If you need the translation of a foreign birth certificate and are not a linguistic expert, you should hire one for the job. They can handle the task for you and provide accurate results that the authorities won’t reject. You can submit their translation to the authorities without any hesitation.

  • How do you translate a document officially?

    To officially translate a document, the linguistic expert must ensure the formatting is safe. They must make sure that their translation is a hundred percent accurate. They should also provide their signed statement to the client as proof of accuracy to make the document a certified translation.

  • Who can translate a document?

    A qualified and experienced linguistic professional is the only one who can accurately translate a document. Even if you get Google Translate to work on your document, the result will be unsatisfactory and inaccurate. So, whenever the translation of a document is needed, only professionals should be hired.

guaranteed acceptance

Guaranteed acceptance for all translations

Immigration is a long process that can take many years until an application is accepted. This is because immigration agencies have to carry out a thorough check of the applicant and confirm their identity. To do so, the agencies set out some document requirements that help them check and verify the applicant’s identity. The documents needed for immigration include birth and marriage certificates, medical reports, educational records, and divorce documents. All these documents have to be translated to the local language of the country the applicant wishes to immigrate to.

If you are looking for accurate birth certificate translation for immigration, Universal Translation Services is the best choice. We have skilled team members with experience in translation for immigration, and we guarantee acceptance for all our translations.

An accurate translation is needed.

When employing translation services, ensure that the document they provide you is translated accurately. How will you know whether the translated document is proper? You will look for the following points to be in order…

  • Your place of birth
  • Your date of birth is written out as month/day/year.
  • The full names of your parents should be spelled accurately
  • Your parents’ birth dates
  • Your parents’ birthplaces
  • The seal of issuing authority

The birth certificate translation is a simple yet particular matter that needs to be dealt with with care and precision.

Accurate translation is needed

USCIS needs accurate translation done according to their rules

If you plan to move to the US for work or further study, USCIS requires all your foreign language certificates to be translated into English. The birth certificate is one of the needed documents, along with all your other personal documents.

Being in the hold of your birth certificate in your language is okay in your nation or for doing immigration formalities in any country that speaks your language. However, if you decide to immigrate to the US, you will require a certified birth certificate translation into English.

For the US immigration process, you will need to give a simple photocopy of the birth certificate and its certified translation into English, which should be translated by a professional linguist fluent in both English and your mother language. Sadly, you cannot perform this task yourself without going through the immigration process. You cannot translate your birth certificate for immigration. We recommend that you choose a professional translator to complete an accurate translation of the original document. Your translator must provide their name, signature, address, and certification date to comply with USCIS rules.

Each birth certificate translation for immigration should be done completely, including names, signatures and stamps, and needs to be done word for word. Although under U.S. immigration law, you aren’t required to hire a certified translator, the translator must be qualified to guarantee his or her ability as a translator and the accuracy of the translation.

We are here to ensure that the translation you get is of good quality and will live up to the requirements of USCIS. Call now and get a free quote.

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