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Check List Certified Translations For USCIS

Check List Certified Translations For USCIS
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(Last Updated On: September 14, 2020)

Everything we do in life is either to make things easier for us or for other people. We created machines and invented modern technologies to let people live their best life. We have bullet trains and planes to make transportation easier and faster. Our methods of communication have also gotten a boost thanks to cell phones and the internet. But we also have a lot of simple methods to lessen the complications we face in life. Sometimes we fix a problem before it even rises to save ourselves from a lot of trouble. If you have ever gotten a pipe fixed that looked like it was going to break anytime soon, you can relate to this.

There are many methods of problem solving in this world. Many scientists spend years studying different methods to evaluate their values and figure out which is the best one. As good as problem solving is, there is nothing better than preventing an issue from ever occurring. There are many problems that can’t be fixed beforehand. There are natural disasters that can’t be predicted but being better prepared for them can minimize the damage they will cause. More often than not, criminals are caught after they commit a crime but if the police catch someone in the middle of them planning a terrorist attack, it will save a lot of lives.

There are many issues that we can keep from ever arising in the first place if we take the right steps. Planning plays a huge part in both types of issues, the one we can fix and the ones we can prevent. We may make fun of people with planners and checklists but they are always better prepared for things than everybody else. Every group has that one friend who carry all the essentials with them in their purse. We may joke about it but they are the ones to come through when someone needs band aids or a moisturizer.

Whenever we have to take a decision, that’s when we realize the importance of planning and preparing for problems before facing them. The bigger the decision, the better our preparation should be. For instance, if someone plans on uprooting their life from their country and moving somewhere new to start afresh, they will not only need to know about job opportunities in the new place, but also the cost of living. However, economic stability is not the only thing in a land that can bring people happiness and satisfaction, they will also need freedom to express themselves and protection of their personal liberties. This is all part of the research people should do before immigrating to a new land.

certified translations for uscis

The Process of US Immigration:

certified translations for uscis

Anyone who has ever applied for a government certificate of any kind know how confusing the process can get. There are complex forms to fill and documents to submit in order to get your request accepted. But the process of immigration is a lot more complicated than all other official matters combined. The process of US immigration starts with the submission of a petition and ends with the applicant giving an interview. But there are a lot of steps between these two that can get confusing if you aren’t prepared.

All you have to do is prepare for the process beforehand and get help when needed if you want to become an immigrant in the US.

  • What is the immigration process in the US?

    The immigration process is the US depends on which type of citizenship you are applying for. In any case, you will have to submit an application to USCIS along with all of the necessary documents. If your documents are not in English then you will have to submit their certified translation.

  • How long is the immigration process to USA?

    The immigration process can take somewhere between a year and a year and a half. However, the processing time may be longer depending on the type of immigration you are applying for. Immediate relatives of US citizens are given preferences over distant relatives. In the same way, people belonging to certain professions are given preferences over others.

  • What are the steps in the immigration process?

    1. File a petition with the USCIS
    2. Once USCIS approves your petition, it will be forwarded to National Visa Center. The NVC will ask the applicant to submit their documents.
    3. After reviewing the documents, NVC will schedule the interview.
    4. Medical exam will be conducted.
    5. Interview will be held.
    6. Visa will be approved if the interview went smoothly.
  • What are the 4 types of immigrants?

    1. Citizens: These are the immigrants who went through the process of naturalization and became US citizens legally.
    2. Permanent Residents: These are the green card holders who have been given permission to stay in the US.
    3. Non-Immigrants: They are the people who are in the US on temporary basis like students.
    4. Undocumented: People who moved to the US illegally fall under this category.
  • Can you translate your own documents for USCIS?

    USCIS requires certified translations of every document that is not in English. You cannot translate your own documents and submit them to USCIS because they will get rejected. Only a professional would know how to translate documents accurately for USCIS. They will also give you the certificate of accuracy along with the translation.

  • How do you know if a translator is certified?

    If a translator claims to be certified, you should not take their word for it. You can be certain of their certification by asking to see their electronic seal. Every linguistic expert that has been certified by ATA has an electronic seal that mentions their language combination and the duration of their certification.

  • How do I translate an official document?

    A lot of language apps and websites offer document translation. But they are to be used for every day documents. If you need help with an official document, it is better to reach out to a qualified linguistic expert. Neither the internet nor a bilingual friend can provide you with the translation of an official document.

  • How do I get a translator certificate online?

    The American Translators Association does not offer a translator certificate online. Candidates will have to go to a specific site to give the exam. However, there are other institutes that offer certification exams online. But those certifications will not be of the same value as the seal of ATA, so it is better to take the exam in person.

Check List Certified Translations for USCIS:

The things you will need planning for include certified translations. The immigration services offer requires foreign nationals to submit certified translations of their documents in English. Certified translations are very accurate and therefore the only type of interpretation accepted by government offices. However, when it comes to certified translations for USCIS, it is better to prepare a checklist to get you through the process:

  1. The Documents:

You will need certified translations for uscis of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable
  • Academic degrees
  • Other papers relevant to the type of immigration you are applying for
  1. The Translator:

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a translator for certified translations. They don’t have to be a certified member of American Translators Association but they should be qualified to handle the task. Only a translator with plenty of experience with similar documents can interpret an official document accurately.

  1. The Certificate:

The signed statement of the translator is called the certificate which comes with the interpretation. Make sure that your translator gives you the certificate when they finish working on your project. Without it, the completed interpretation will be meaningless.

  1. Deadlines:

Deadlines bring a lot of unnecessary stress but what if you can avoid it? By keeping in mind that you have to get things in order before the deadline approaches, you can get a lot done in time. Contact an agency or a freelancer long before applying for immigration so that your papers are in order and you still have plenty of time to plan for the rest of things.

Immigration may be a complicated process but being scared about it and giving yourself unnecessary stress is not going to help you with it. However, what will help is planning for it and making checklists of important things so you can get through the process step by step. As long as you manage to find a reliable translator for your documents, you will have nothing to worry about.

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