Climate Dictionary List in 10 Languages

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Climate change is real. Weather conditions have been changing in ways that weren’t imaginable in the past. The large-scale shift patterns, global warming, and greenhouse gases are all real factors. We are seeing hot climates, humid climates, and cold climates in unusual regions. If we are to save the planet, we should do something about the climate crisis.

Although a vast majority pay no heed to the climate emergency and its likely consequences on the world, those who do want to contribute face another challenge. A challenge, we call the language barrier. Understanding the terms and definitions of climatic factors in their native language is essential for research and further studies. Luckily, there is a solution.

The climate dictionaries. These special dictionaries have all weather-related words and terminologies along with their meanings in different languages. These do not only prove to be helpful for students, authors, and researchers but also for translators who have the job to interpret difficult weather phenomena for an international and multilinguistic audience.

In today’s article, we are going to ease this one down for you. Now you won’t have to search for climate terminologies and their meanings every time you have a project. We are sharing the best and the most comprehensive climate dictionaries for you. But before diving into the subject, let’s talk about why and when you would need these specific dictionaries.

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climate dictionary

Research Papers

Climate change is a global issue. No country can stay behind. They all must put their efforts into finding out more about the causes, factors, and solutions. There’s always new research by different countries. Of course, they choose to publish them in their native language but then the research is too vital to be kept from the world.

Moreover, the same research becomes the basis of someone else’s research as a problem, a pre-evaluated equation, or a subject matter for further evaluations.  Therefore, all research papers must be translated into different languages and when translators do that, they feel the need for a special dictionary with climate terminologies.

Magazines And Journals

Magazines and journals are the best source of information for millions. The editors understand that and always try to include some fresh facts and studies on the hottest topics. Although they are not always concerned by the environmental issues genuinely, they do place them wisely because people like to read about them.

These days many journals put a hot tagline on their front page. Most of the time, they are environmental pollution, intolerance, and yes, climate change. Again, they can’t publish a Russian study in the Russian language in an English magazine. Hence, they ask their translators to find a climate dictionary and translate the text accordingly.

Other Usages

  • Social media posts
  • News
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Infomercials
  • Advertisements
  • Fundraisers
  • Web content

Climate Dictionary List In 10 Languages

The Weather Dictionary

One of the best oxford dictionaries, this one goes beyond just the definition of climate. Fully loaded with meteorological and climate terms, this is a unique weather dictionary that has all the A to Z of weather references. What’s even better is that it includes illustrations and detailed information about every term.

Glossary Of Up-To-Date Climate Change Terms

As the name indicates, this is a modern, updated glossary for all things weather and climatic conditions. With the rise in climate awareness, these glossaries are more in use. So whether you are given a translation assignment on the current climate or you’re writing a climate blog, this glossary is a must-have for you.

IUCN Nepal’s Climate Terminologies Explanation

This one can prove to be the most useful document for students, researchers, translators, and professors. A thorough and extensive list of climate conditions, climate extremes, weather shifts, patterns, terminologies, abbreviations, and everything related to climate classification systems. This list by Nepal is the ideal help for climate journalism.

News writers and reporters can use this list for their work. The best part about this list is that it’s available in PDF format and you can keep it open on your computer or download it on your mobile device for later use.

Hindipop 101

This one is a treat for English to Hindi translators. The fun part is, it’s not a dictionary, it’s a blog. But illustrated with fun pictures and short sentences, this gives a complete list of terminology meanings.

climate dictionary list in 10 languages
wikipedia glossary climate change

It also includes a great deal of information on the climate debate. Technical translators should take note of this one as it could really be a game-changer.


Ready and easy-to-use dictionary for English to Chinese, Pinyin, and Chinese to English. With all-climate science terms and meanings available, this one can really save you a lot of time. It can also provide you with a description of climate in English, Chinese, and Pinyin. This online dictionary is great for general and professional users.

Wikipedia’s Glossary of Climate Change

Established by Wikipedia, this glossary is a simple and easy to use dictionary which provides updated meanings of the driver of climate change. It also has external references and links for stating citation purposes.

Climate Change Key Terms for European Languages

This awesome installment by Europa is a great way to increase the rise in Climate awareness. Since it offers meanings of the key terms in 23 languages, it is a treasure for researchers, translators, students, and United Nations employees.  The terms are listed with their English meaning at the top with a consecutive list of the same meaning in 23 other languages.

Nova Lynx Meteorological Glossary

When you want to explore deeper and study more about global and regional climate, this glossary can help you a lot. Listed like the good old-fashioned dictionary, this is the one you should keep open on one of your tabs at all times.  This is in PDF format so you can use it on both your mobile and your computer.

Research Gate Glossary of International Climate Policy Terms

Just like always, Research Gate has given us another opportunity to get benefit from their collective effort. If you are already a member of Research Gate, this one will be a great asset for your future research. Being a member of theirs also allows you to get exclusive access to all of their content. So, if you haven’t already, join them today!

Kestrel Meters Weather Glossary

From all things weather, agriculture, and climate to terminologies, heat stress, and informational tips, Kestrel Meters isn’t just a glossary but a platform to learn more about climate action. All of the above-mentioned weather terminology dictionaries are from authentic sources and you can use them for translation and research purposes.

If you work at a national research institute, these will prove highly beneficial for your day-to-day tasks. Whether you belong to a media center, a news agency, or any other place where current affairs are important, you can’t skip environmental well-being out of the equation. This is why we suggest you keep all these glossaries handy.

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