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Common USCIS Translation Requirements You Should Be Aware Of

Common USCIS Translation Requirements You Should Be Aware Of
(Last Updated On: October 23, 2023)

Common USCIS Translation Requirements You Should Be Aware Of

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS is the federal agency that deals with immigrations and related transactions. With the recent influx of immigrants coming towards the United States, the USCIS have stepped up its regulatory actions. The agency is known for its strict requirements, especially when it comes to translated documents.

Immigration is a very big issue in the United States. This particular aspect of bureaucracy is widely held to be one of the strictest in the whole federal system. The reason behind this is quite simple. The United States only wants properly documented and legal immigrants. However, with millions of people trying to get into the country, the country’s immigration agency can only do so much. What the country did in order to make sure that only properly vetted people are able to migrate into the country is simple, impose a strict regulation when it comes to paper works.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services require all immigration applicants to have their documents properly translated. While there are some countries that have their documents in English, there are a number also that have them in their native language. Not only that the USCIS require these documents to be translated, they have a high standard to follow. This means that the documents must be translated accurately from its original form.

This is where translation companies chime in. There are thousands of agencies that provide translation services. However, not all agencies have the luxury of being recognized by the USCIS. This federal agency only requires the best translations, which is why some translation companies need to adhere to a strict set of regulation and rules for them to be able to be properly certified.

Our company provides certified translation services. This means that for immigrants can simply send their documents to us and we will translate it with no problem. As a certified translation company, our outputs are accepted on all USCIS offices. Our certification simply means that the USCIS regards all of our outputs to have achieved the standard that they require. This is not an easy task to do, and we are proud to say that we have been consistently certified for many years now and we plan to continue it that way.

USCIS Translation Requirements

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services follows strict guidelines when it comes to translation. One of the most common, and perhaps the most difficult, is that all translation agencies must be certified before they can consider an output to be valid. A certification is not an easy thing to achieve. Nevertheless, our company provides such services. We have a pool of certified professional translations who are qualified to churn out translation outputs with all the proper certifications. Not all translation agencies have that same services.

When it comes to documents that are printed in a foreign language, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services have a number of requirements before they can be considered. First, they must be properly and accurately translated before they are sent into the agency. In order to cut the time in double checking whether the documents are accurately translated, the USCIS hands out certification to translation agencies that have passed rigorous accreditation processes. A certified translator or translation agency simply means that they have passed the USCIS’s requirements. As such, most of the time documents that were translated by an accredited agency do not normally pass through rigorous checks compared to those that came from an agency that do not have certification.

USCIS Translation Requirements

Quality and Accuracy.

A certified translation agency is required to produce high quality and accurate translations. This is a requirement when processing immigration application. For a document to have a certification stamp, there are a lot of requirements.

A translation agency must achieve and maintain a number of rigorous requirements in order for it to be properly certified. One requirement is to maintain impeccable accuracy. Immigration documents are a serious job. Which is why it is of utmost importance to provide accurate translations of any documents. Not only accurate translation, but also high quality that preserves the context of the original one.

Our translators have been through a number of training and certification processes. We have gone through a lot of accreditation in order for our company to be able to produce certified translation documents. Nevertheless, all these hard works have paid off.

It is important to note that accuracy and quality are a big deal when processing immigration application. A single mistranslated word could bring disaster to a person’s application. Which is why it is highly recommended to pick a legitimate and trusted translation agency. It is true that Google Translate can help you at times. However, for serious matters like immigration documentation, it is highly recommended to pick a professional translator to do the job for you.

Based on our experience, there are a number of our clients that were denied visa due to the fact that their previous translation agency did a haphazard job in translating their documents. Such is not the case with us. We maintain strict regulations when it comes to quality and accuracy. We have a pool of quality checkers whose job is to always check all our outputs and make sure that all of them adhere to the our standards. We understand that these documents are important to you, which is why we are here to make sure that they are properly translated.

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