25 E-commerce Tips

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25 E-commerce Tips

The marketing world never rests. New innovations take place every day. Marketing strategies, techniques and tactics are the very core of e-commerce. If you have any e-commerce website, drop shipping sites or any social media page where you are selling, then it’s crucial for your business to stay updated with every new happening in the marketing industry. If you haven’t set out the roadmap for advertisement, let us give you the top 25 e-commerce marketing tips of 2019.

1. The Best Marketing Is Content Marketing

Before making any plans on running your website, make the strategy for your content. Let’s face it if the content is not what the visitor is ready to view or read, you have already lost the game.

Whether they are blogs, videos, photos, articles or even testimonials, evaluate them, strategize them and then use it to your own advantage.

2. Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best tool one can use to effectively advertise and promote their products or services. Moreover, emails can be used to provide detailed information for both B2B and B2C. The only thing you have to do is finding the best software for automated email marketing.

3. Social Media Platforms

Try all social media platforms for the marketing of your brand.You can use the social media analytical tools and see which one is working best for you. Focus on the ones that are good.


4. Be Original

Unique and original content is what makes your brand stand out. Copycats may have a shot at getting a few customers from here and there but in the end you’ll get more business with originality.

5. Get Creative With Contextual Marketing

Choosing the right words at the right place is the strategy to win hearts and minds too. A fun blend of humor and wit is all it’s going to take.

6. Allow Users To Participate

Well, let’s admit it, we need nothing more than inclusion. And your users are no different, allow them to share. You can publish their blogs, product reviews and suggestions, and they’ll feel more connected to your brand.

7. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are like the extra benefit of having a business. It’s a marketing strategy with almost no effort, and still you get to reach more customers and then even more and so on. So create such programs.

8. Memberships And Rewards

The word membership and reward captivate the attention of your audience like nothing else. Create loyalty offers, subscriptions, and reward systems even if the reward is a mere 2 or 3 % discount. People like to feel important and if you can lure them into thinking this way, you’re already their favorite.

9. Break The Language Barrier

Having a website in only one language is a huge deal breaker for your audience. Using Website Translation or localization is one way to make your foreign audience feel at home. Also, use translation of your brochures, and make them available for download.

10. Go Mobile

Provide your customers with mobile responsiveness. A user friendly interface for smart devices that users can check on the go is something they’d love to have.

11. Go Ahead With Alerts

Notifications can really change anyone’s mood, especially if it says something about a new promotion or a bumper prize. So use this to keep your customers on their toes.

12. Go Crazy With Social Ads

You can post as many ads on Facebook as you want. But more importantly you can determine the trends by the likes and comments of your visitors. And all that without even spending a dime.

13. Stay Ahead Of The Trends

There is no staying behind in marketing, so make sure you work on your marketing plan every month or even if it’s every week.

14. Give Your Brand A Face

No we’re not asking you to contact one of the Kardashians to become your brand ambassador, but a cute animated character wouldn’t hurt. And who knows, people would start loving your brand because of that character.

15. Leverage The Power Of Videos

Everyone loves videos. So try using more videos for business explainers, promotions, how to tutorials and anything at all.

16. Offer Personalization

People like personalized items and services because it substantiates their sense of individuality and uniqueness. So offer it to them and let them love your brand even more.

17. Express Delivery

People can’t stop placing their orders if you have an express delivery option.

18. Keep Your Delivery Rates Lower Than Your Competitors

Everyone out there is looking to save a few bucks, so why not give them the freedom to do so.

19. Optimize Automation

Use automation tools for analytics and social media marketing for E-commerce.

20. Build Your Brand Image With Images

Instagram is without a doubt the ultimate favorite place of millions including celebrities, brands, entertainment industry and even your customers. So promote your products or services through the power of photography.


21. Make Shopping Easier

Provide users with one click options to buy things. No one likes meticulous, complicated processes for buying one single item.

22. Create Multiple Stores On Famous Marketplaces

Amazon, eBay and Shopify get millions of visitors every minute and if your product is there, you know what that could mean.

23. Ask For Reviews And Feedback

Push your customers to leave feedback and reviews. Most people rely on product reviews rather than its description and usage.

24. Never Leave Research Out Of The Equation

With research, you can see which marketing trends work better and which fail. And you can implement the one that works best for you.

25. Build A E-commerce Community

Create forums and discussion areas for your users to give ratings, suggestions and points. Allowing a platform for user community will ultimately turn you into their favorite.

  • What are the components of a good eCommerce strategy?

    Here’s what makes up a good eCommerce strategy:

    • Learn about your target audience if you want them to prefer you over every other brand with a similar product idea.
    • Manage your supply chain efficiently.
    • Develop an efficient warehouse operations system.
    • Effective branding to keep people interested in your products.
    • Fulfillment planning. If you don’t deliver your products, you will lose customers very quickly.
  • How can I win eCommerce?

    Here’s how you can win at eCommerce:

    • Work on branding to create awareness about your products.
    • Learn about the interests of your target audience and create marketing content accordingly.
    • Provide quality products to get positive reviews from customers.
    • Announce an incentive for people who leave reviews.
    • Manage your supply chain and fulfillment effectively.
  • How do I master eCommerce?

    • Learn about eCommerce as much as you can before you enter the field yourself.
    • Don’t launch a product before testing it.
    • Pay attention to customer feedback and resolve issues as quickly as possible.
    • Always stay focused on the needs of your customers.
    • Optimize your website for mobile users.
    • Hire SEO specialists to rank higher on search engines.
  • How can e commerce increase sales?

    eCommerce increases sales by:

    • Giving you a chance to learn about your customers on a deeper level
    • Making it possible for you to direct traffic from Facebook advertising to your website
    • Allowing you to maintain an effective email marketing strategy
    • Getting direct feedback and suggestions from customers
    • Growing your brand through social media
  • What is good content marketing?

    Good content marketing has:

    • Its focus on one key idea so the audience does not lose interest
    • The right jargon that is not too difficult for the target audience
    • Some basic structures like lists and Yes/No debates
    • No cunning strategy to lure readers into buying something, audience prefers it when the writer is honest with them
    • A clear call to action that people find it hard to ignore
  • What are examples of content marketing?

    One of the best examples of content marketing is Coca Cola’s ‘Share A Coke’ campaign. By putting names on bottles, the company increased its sale easily. McDonald’s ‘Our Food, Your Questions’ is another great example of content marketing. The company decided to answer all questions of the customers to build strong relationships with them.

  • Does content marketing really work?

    Content marketing really works but it all depends on the strategy of the business. An affective content marketing strategy should keep the needs of the target audience in focus at all times. It should try to catch the attention of the audience in a unique way. Offering personalization is always a great idea for brands that are looking for content marketing tips.

  • How effective is content marketing?

    Content marketing is as effective as the strategy it is based on. If the strategy was formed after research about the target audience and it follows all the basic rules of content marketing then it will yield good results. It is important to work hard on making your strategy a success if you want to increase your sales.

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