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Facts About The Brazilian Translation Market

Facts About The Brazilian Translation Market
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(Last Updated On: October 3, 2021)

There is always one cousin in the family that grows up to be different than everyone else. They are known for being unique. Brazil is that cousin in Latin America. In all South and Latin American countries, there is one thing in common, and that is their language. All those countries recognize Spanish as their official language. Some states have more Spanish speakers than in Spain. All of them have their own version of the language, but it is still mutually intelligible to a great extent. The people of those countries can communicate with each other freely. But Brazil is the only country in the region where Portuguese is an official language.

As a country, Brazil is known for many things. But its soccer team is known everywhere around the globe. You can find the fans of the Brazilian soccer team on any continent. There are people who have been following the team for decades. Some pass on their love to their kids, and the team stay a favorite of many families. However, the country is also known for its tourist attractions. There are many landmarks that people can visit. And the beaches of Brazil are worth seeing. The country also has the world’s largest beach.


Brazil’s official language made it to the land during colonization. Unlike the other countries of the region, Brazil ended up being influenced by Portuguese. It became the language of the people and is used by the state now. Other vernaculars are spoken in remote areas, but almost everyone in the population speaks Portuguese. This is why it is the only language used by newspapers, radios, and TV channels. The version of the language spoken in Brazil went through an evolutionary period and became different from European Portuguese. The cultural differences also played a part in changing the language of the region.

Brazilian Translation

Facts About the Brazilian Translation Market:

Brazil’s economy has had many ups and downs. Political instability was a huge problem for the country, but when democratic leaders were elected, things started to get better. That had a good effect on the economy, and international companies started taking an interest in the market of the country. Brazil’s bids for the World Cup and Olympics were accepted for the same reason. But after a few years, the gas-price raise created an economic crisis in the country. The state of the market began to deteriorate. Above all, the job market was affected.

Brazilian Translation

During the World Cup, the Brazilian translation market had a great time. Linguistic experts were in demand, and they were getting paid according to their services. But things began to change when international companies left Brazil. The linguistic experts had to rely on local clients who can’t afford translation services. Although it isn’t bad to rely on local clients, they may not be able to pay you according to your demands.

After the economic crisis, locals are having a hard time paying for language services, which is why freelancers have been unable to make money in the country. Getting paid less will still be acceptable, but more often than not, clients prefer that they get the service for free. People say that they are giving an opportunity to the translator, and therefore, they must not have to pay for translation. And when a translator demands their rate, the client gets surprised that they should have to pay so much for linguistic services.

However, getting international clients is still the better option. Brazil is still considered an economically stable and strong country, which is why corporations and businesses are interested in their markets. Such companies turn to native linguistic experts whenever they need translation services. They are the ones freelancers can turn to for projects.

The Solution:

A useful option for Brazilian translators is working for international translation companies. If they wish to earn properly, they need to get in touch with an agency that pays a nice amount of money. Such companies only hire native translators, and if you are a speaker of Portuguese, it will go in your favor.

Every expert, regardless of the field they work in, has to earn money so they can pay their bills. And they must not leave any stone unturned to earn. Linguistic experts spend years becoming good at their jobs, but if they are not paid according to their efforts, their experience will be worth nothing. This is why translators in Brazil are in need of better options so they can earn according to their qualifications and experience. But they are not going to get these opportunities with local clients. Working with multinational agencies that have vast experience in the field is the best way to earn good money. They will not only make money but also be able to decide their own schedule. They won’t have to search for clients on their own and will be able to benefit from the reputation of the agency they are working for.

The job market is not great in any country, but it is worse in some places. People have to make money to support themselves, and when they have a skill, they can monetize it. But sometimes, the opportunities are not too many. In such a situation, doing some market research is necessary. Once you understand the situation, you can figure out which options are best for you. After you find the good options, you can start making money and build long term relationships with clients.

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