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Facts About the Latam Language

Facts About the Latam Language
What is LATAM
(Last Updated On: February 11, 2022)

If you visit your friend’s house for the first and find out that they have a nickname that you didn’t know of, you would feel excited to learn something new. There is always something new to learn about people if we are willing to try. But just like people, our world is also pretty unique and has a lot to offer to us. There are things with certain names that we never learned about. However, it is never too late to start learning about our world. We can start by learning more about the places that we are already familiar with.

What is LATAM?

LATAM is a portmanteau word that is used to refer to Latin America. If you have heard the name LATAM Airlines Group S.A, it is because they belong to South America or Latin America. LATAM is the largest airline in terms of worldwide connections. Known for its exceptional customer experience, LATAM has always maintained its market standard in the international world.
The word Latin America refers to a group of countries where Romance languages are spoken. The countries share a lot of similarities with each other. They have similar cultures and traditions. They also have a few shared festivals. However, that does not mean that they don’t have their own identities. There are many aspects of these states that make them different from each other. For instance, not all of them speak Spanish, and even the ones that do, speak different varieties of it.

Along with Spanish, Portuguese, and French are also spoken in the region. But since the Spaniards had more influence on the people of the region, their language also added up becoming more popular. Even after winning their independence, the countries continued to speak the Romance languages. It is only due to this reason that Spanish is one of the most spoken vernaculars in the world today. Spain does not even have the highest number of Spanish speakers, Mexico does.

Facts About the LATAM Languages

Facts About the LATAM Languages:

  1. Spanish:

Here are a few interesting facts about the most popular vernacular in LATAM:

  • Arabic Influence:

Muslims ruled over Southern Iberia for more than 700 years. Although they did not affect the culture of the natives greatly, they did influence the local tongue. Today, thousands of words of Arabic origin can be found in Spanish. These loanwords may not be common in all regions where the vernacular is spoken, but they are still pretty common.

  • Official Status:

The vernacular is widely spread and enjoys official status in more than 20 countries. This has increased the value of the tongue. Businesses have also started creating separate plans for their Hispanic audiences.

  • The Royal Spanish Academy:

The Academy is in charge of the vernacular. They publish dictionaries and grammar rulebooks for all the countries where the vernacular is spoken. The Academy makes sure that the language stays the same in all the states where it is officially recognized.

  • Detailed and Poetic:

The language is known for being poetic, but it also takes up more space due to being detailed. So, a sentence that covers a single line in English will cover almost double that in Spanish. There are also a few words in the former that can only be translated into full-fledged sentences in the latter.

  1. Portuguese:

The second most popular Latin-based language in Latin America is Portuguese. Here are some fun facts about it:

  • Outside of Portugal:

Only 5% of Portuguese speakers can be found in Portugal. Since it is an official tongue in populous countries like Brazil, it should not come as a surprise to people. It is also quickly gaining popularity outside of Europe.

  • Arabic Influence:

Muslims conquered not only Spain but also Portugal, which is why their vernacular also influenced the Portuguese. Many Arabic words can be overheard in everyday conversations. Even the Portuguese word for olives was taken from Arabic.

  • Influence on English:

If you are an English speaker, then you already know a few Portuguese words. Due to the vernacular’s worldwide popularity, many of its words made their way into English vocabulary.

LATAM Languages translation
  1. French:

Almost everyone knows about the popularity of Spanish in Latin American countries, but what people don’t know is that French is also spoken in multiple territories of the region. Here are some facts about this tongue:

  • Words in English:

You would be surprised to know that 45% of English words are of French origin. And this does not refer to words that are not in use. Almost half of the words in Modern English have been taken from French.

  • Official Status:

Twenty-nine countries in the world have awarded official status to French. It is also spoken in several dependent territories. Due to its official status in various countries, it has gained diplomatic importance, which is why more and more people are learning it every day.

  • Accents:

If you think that all of France speaks the same way, then you would be wrong. Just like the accent of a Londoner will be different from that of a resident of Manchester, the pronunciation of French varies greatly within France. If you want to hear the posh accent, then you should visit Paris.

  • The Language of Stories:

Many classics were originally written in French. From Les Misérables to The Count of Monte Cristo, many stories that people have come to love were penned down by French authors. Even some children’s stories have been translated from French and are loved by readers all over the world.

The unique vernaculars spoken in LATAM can tell you a lot about their speakers. They can also show you a glimpse of the culture that is practiced in Latin American countries. Studying the languages mentioned above will be beneficial for everyone because of their popularity and usefulness.

The word Latam is of Latin origin and it means funky. Although, officially LATAM is used for the LATAM Airlines Group, one of the most significant airlines in the American Markets.

LATAM Airlines Group is known for its largest route networks in the world. Apart from six domestic markets in Latin America, 1,300 flights per day, the airline is also famous for its international operations across the US, the Caribbean, Oceania, Africa, and Asia.

LATAM Airlines Group is headquartered in Santiago, Chile. It has subsidiaries in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Peru. The largest Airline in Latin America is LATAM Airlines Group but it is a holding company. In simpler terms, you can say that it is a corporate group, joined under one Umbrella company.

Previously known as LAN Airlines/ LAN Chile, has now changed its name into the largest airline group in Latin America, LATAM Airlines. LAN is also one of the founders of LATAM. LATAM is a merger of Chile’s LAN Chile and Brazil’s TAM Linhas Aéreas.

If you are interested you might also like to know that the group has had a fair share of difficulties where it had to cease its domestic cargo operations for an indefinite time due to COVID-19. The pandemic also caused disruptions in service including business operations and cargo services.

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